Dorinda Has The Dirt On Her 'RHONY' Cast Member

Matthew Eiseman/Bravo

Bethenny may be tough, but Dorinda is the resident mobster of Real Housewives Of New York. She’s soft when she needs to be, but when she makes it nice and you don’t appreciate it, you better watch out. Granted, she likes to stir the pot a little bit (but I do, too), but Dorinda is loyal and strong and smart and everyone would be lucky to have a pal like her. That being said, Dorinda has a file on Sonja on Real Housewives Of New York, and damn, she is scarier than I thought she was! Respect.

So let’s backtrack here. Sonja is still upset that she wasn’t invited to the Berkshires with the crew last year, and even though I know that it hurts, Sonja has to move on. She has to get over it. Dorinda feels the same way, and she’s not taking kindly to all of the crap talking that Sonja is doing about her and Luann. Luann and Sonja are a separate issue, but Dorinda has mostly been a good friend to Sonja, so I’m not sure I see why Sonja is still mad. Probably because she lives in the past. And, speaking of the past, Dorinda revealed to Carole that she has a dossier of crazy stuff that Sonja has done. Say what? I like a woman that comes prepared.

Dorinda speaks softly, but she also carries a big stick. For whatever reason, she sort of has a private investigator that has the receipts for Lady Morgan and whatever she’s done over the years. I mean, damn, girl. Do you have a dossier on me, too? What are you planning to do with that file? The NSA has nothing on Dorinda! Previews for the April 26 episode of Real Housewives Of New York show Dorinda in a screaming match at Sonja (she makes a reference to Grey Gardens, which, though true, is harsh). I say “at” because it doesn’t seem fairly matched. In any case, Dorinda has got the goods, and Sonja better hope that Dorinda doesn’t use them.