This Photo Of Drake & Josh Making Up At The VMAs Is Going To Make You Cry Happy Tears

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When word spread of a potential Drake & Josh feud, fans' hearts broke across the country. After all, Drake Bell and Josh Peck played step-brothers on Nickelodeon for years, and their bond had seemingly translated on-screen — until there was some wedding-related drama a few months ago. But fear not, Drake Bell and Josh Peck reunited at the 2017 VMAs and posted a photo to prove it.

The image appeared on both Peck and Bell's individual Twitter pages. Peck used their catchphrase as the caption, "Hug me...." — which, obviously, is completed with the word, "Brother." Meanwhile, Bell wrote, "Reunited and it feels so good!!" Looks like these two couldn't have been kept apart for long.

After rumors swirling that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift would squash their beef at the VMAs (which has yet to happen and doesn't seem likely right now), this is a far better alternative. Millennials were heavily invested in Peck and Bell's bromance, because it's one we all grew up with and wanted to believe in. And seeing the two of them settle things with a hug? Well, it's picture-perfect. Seriously, what more could you want? It's OK if you're crying a happy tear or two right now.

As word spread that Peck and Bell officially buried the hatchet, fans couldn't have been happier. Some even deemed it the best moment of the VMAs, which honestly, may be true — at least at this point. Who knew one hug could have such an impact?

Now that these two TV brothers have made amend, it seems that all is right in the world. Or at least the world of childhood nostalgia.