Drop Everything And Look At These 26 Unbelievably Weird Things On Amazon

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At this point, I get most of my clothes, beauty supplies, bulk toilet paper, and kitchen products from Amazon. I should really just think about just moving into an Amazon warehouse and calling it a day. But here’s a secret — besides the basics, there’s some really weird products on Amazon. These are the kinds of products that tend to frighten and intrigue us.

For instance, before Amazon, I never thought I'd contemplate buying a vomiting egg. Though a vomiting egg doll (oh yes, it's real) may not seem like an item you must have, you might find that it's actually a pretty useful stress reliever. That's why Amazon products are genius — no matter how weird they may seem, you'll find they're always secretly brilliant.

So, if you're fascinated by the idea of buying a solar powered hat or a gallon of wolf pee, read on. Even if you don't think you have a lot of use for some of these strange products, you might be surprised — while they might be weird, they’re all surprisingly functional. So you never know, you might find that some of these odd products are the perfect gadgets you never knew you needed.

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