Rainn Wilson Thinks ‘Tiger King’ Would’ve Inspired Dwight To Open A Schrute Zoo

NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Dwight Schrute never seemed all that interested in pop culture — when you're maintaining a farm full of beets, what more do you need? However, Rainn Wilson recently weighed in on how he thinks his Office character Dwight Schrute would react to Tiger King — the world's newest pop culture obsession — proving that while the actor hasn't portrayed Dunder Mifflin's assistant to the regional manager in over seven years, he still knows his on-screen persona inside and out.

"Oh yeah," Wilson told Entertainment Weekly when asked if Dwight would've taken the time to watch the jaw-dropping documentary. "Probably somewhere in the northwestern Pennsylvania fictional land where Dwight Schrute actually exists, there would be Schrute Zoo, inspired by Tiger King." That's right, Wilson believes that the series would've inspired Dwight to create a zoo of his own that would make even the likes of Joe Exotic jealous. In fact, he's so sure of Dwight's reaction, Wilson even shared a photo edit of "Dwight Exotic" on Instagram, putting Dwight's face on Exotic's body, tiger, tattoos, and all.

Of course, it's not as if Dwight hasn't expressed an interest in large, dangerous animals in the past. If you have yet to watch his bear attack PSA, please do so immediately. So it's not that all surprising that he'd find the concept of Tiger King alluring. Because if anyone would want to become the king of tigers — or at the very least, assistant to the king of tigers — it's Mr. Dwight Schrute.

Wilson's imagination doesn't just stop there, though. The actor also went on to describe how life at Schrute Farm would change in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. "I think there'd be a lot of guns involved," Wilson predicted, while adding a few pieces of advice he thinks Dwight would have for those trying to pass the time while quarantining. "Dwight's advice would all be about working on your self-defense," he added. "Dwight would have confused the coronavirus with the zombie apocalypse."

Yep, that sounds about right. But when it comes to the antics of Dwight Schrute, would we really want it any other way?

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