You Can Be Eleven From 'Stranger Things' This Halloween In The Easiest Way

Courtesy of Netflix

It's never too early to start thinking about Halloween or your costume, for that matter. So, if you're in need of some inspiration, why not look to Eleven from Stranger Things for Halloween costume ideas? The mysterious hero of the hit Netflix show undergoes quite a major transformation throughout the series, and that means that there are plenty of different looks to choose from. But make no mistake: no matter which look you pick from Eleven's wardrobe to emulate, everyone will know exactly who you are when you hit your favorite Halloween party.

It's also not entirely terrible that Eleven gets to wear some super comfy clothes in Stranger Things: T-shirts, sweatshirt, oversized windbreakers, and tennis shoes become staples of her wardrobe. This means that if and when you do choose to dress like Eleven for Halloween, you'll not only look amazing, but you'll be comfy as anything.

And so, the following are some of the best Eleven costumes you can put together quickly, while on a budget, and with total ease and comfort. Take a look and see what catches your eye.

On The Hunt For Waffles

When Eleven first emerges from the confines of the lab, she's on a mission — but first: food. Like any child of the '80s, Eleven finds that she has a certain love of fast food and, later, for waffles. Recreate her memorable first outfit with these items, including an empty Eggo Waffles box as a cool prop and candy bucket.

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From left, clockwise: Russell Athletic Yellow T-Shirt, $10, Amazon | Augusta Men's Blue Nylon Windbreaker, $20, Amazon | Moon Glow Fake Blood, $9, Amazon | Eggo Homestyle Waffles, $5, Amazon | Leotruny Over the Calf Tube Socks, $8, Amazon

Helping Out Her New Friends

By the time Eleven goes out into the world with her new friends, she undergoes yet another big costume change. With the help of Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, she transforms into a girlier version of herself, complete with pink dress and a fake blonde wig. Bonus: you can sport a windbreaker or a jean jacket to protect yourself from the chilly autumn air, just as Eleven stays warm during her mission in autumnal Hawkins.

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From left, clockwise: Allegra K Women's Contrast Doll Dress, $20, Amazon | Nuoqi Women's Vintage Short Bob Wig, $20, Amazon Augusta Men's Blue Nylon Windbreaker, $20, Amazon | Women's Classic Canvas Shoes, $15, Amazon | Dasior Women's Boyfriend Denim Jacket, $24, Amazon

Fighting The Demogorgon

By the end of Stranger Things, the fight against the Demagorgon heats up and the only person who can save the town is Eleven. Her battle clothes are pretty comfy, so you too will be able to pick and choose which duds you want to sport as a battle-worn Eleven. Just don't forget to splash some water on your face to make it look like you're perspiring from a tough fight and maybe add a squirt or two of fake blood to seal the deal.

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From left, clockwise: Eighties T-Shirt, $20, Amazon | Swag Point Men's Bomber Jacket, $35, Amazon | Allegra K Men's Plaid Shirt, $10, Amazon | Leotruny Over the Calf Tube Socks, $8, Amazon | Moon Glow Fake Blood, $9, Amazon

New Season, New Eleven

Or, if you want to keep it low-key while repping a new Eleven look, why not take inspiration from the Stranger Things special edition cover for Entertainment Weekly?

From left, clockwise: Dickies Bib Overalls, $33, Amazon | Hanes Men's Sweatshirt, $7, Amazon | Fullfun Women's Short Curly Wig, $3, Amazon

Eleven has some iconic looks, so you'll definitely have some good ones to choose from this Halloween no matter which version of the character you like best.