elf's Swirl Foundation Brush Combines Your Love Of Makeup & Ice Cream

Unicorn highlighters and fairytale-inspired makeup collections aren't the only themed products on the market. Food-inspired beauty is on the rise with elf's Swirl Foundation Brush. The latest release from the affordable brand embraces two things we all love: beauty and ice cream. What makes the Swirl brush ice cream-like, though? It's actually the same feature that makes the brush so innovative.

Unlike other brushes where the handles are modeled after mermaids or unicorns, the bristles the of the elf Beautifully Precise Swirl Foundation Brush are spiraled into what looks quite a bit like the top of an ice cream cone. The shape isn't just for the cute factor — though it certainly is cute. The spiral shape is designed to hold foundation in its center. With foundation in the brush, users can then swirl and buff the foundation from sheer to full, based on how much foundation was placed into the brush.

While the shape is most definitely the best part of the brush, it's not the only feather in its cap. The Swirl Foundation Brush is also cruelty-free and features a triangular-shaped handle that allows better control during application. Plus, like all of elf's products, it's incredibly affordable at only $10.

Courtesy of elf

Swirl Foundation Brush, $10, Elf

When can you snag this gorgeous mash-up of ice cream and beauty? It's available right now on elf's website.

Courtesy of elf

Could the new elf brush be the start of the food-meets-makeup trend? There's also Too Faced's incredible chocolate-themed products or their Sweet Peach line, so fingers crossed there's more crossover to come.

Courtesy of elf

If you want to shop the new elf Beautifully Precise Swirl Foundation Brush, head over to the brand's website now. While you're at it, go ahead and order some ice cream while you're at it.