Ellen Pompeo Responds To The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Backlash With An Exasperated Message For Fans

Ever since Grey's Anatomy fans learned that two of their favorite characters would be leaving the show, there's been a lot of speculation about where the medical drama is headed. Now, star Ellen Pompeo has responded to the Grey's Anatomy backlash — and she wants fans to have faith in the show's crew. The actor responded directly to fans' tweets on Sunday, explaining that, while she and the Grey's family are "grateful" the fans care so much about the show, she also wants them to accept the fact that April and Arizona are leaving Grey's Anatomy.

Pompeo praised Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw, the actors who play the respective characters, writing that they are both "super shiny happy people" who wouldn't approve of the negativity. Here's what she wrote, spread out over three tweets:

"We R grateful all of you are so passionate but if you knew these two women the way I know them they would not approve of all this nastiness / They both are super shiny happy people. I know you're angry but you're representation couldn't be further from who these women actually are / You are but spreading acceptance and love is our message with Greys and what all of the actors try to do with our performances on this show"

The star's tweets seem to suggest that she understands why fans are upset about the news — but that sharing negativity on Twitter won't change anything. As she wrote in the third tweet, Grey's Anatomy wants to share "acceptance and love" — and, sometimes, that might mean accepting what showrunners have in store for your favorite drama, even if that means losing beloved characters along the way.

Still, it looks like fans didn't stop responding to Pompeo's latest words about the show. In a seemingly exasperated tweet sent hours after the other three, Pompeo wrote that she "won't say anything at all anymore," because all of her words have apparently been criticized. It's understandable that Pompeo is upset; she's trying to defend the show she's been a part of for 14 seasons. But it's also easy to see where the fans are coming from, considering the fact that Capshaw and Drew were on the show for 10 and nine seasons, respectively.

When the news about April and Arizona broke last week, Grey's Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff issued a statement to Deadline about the characters' departures from the show. Vernoff explained that the writers' "job is to follow the stories where they want to go" — and apparently, the Grey's stories wanted to go in a direction that didn't include the two longterm characters.

Pompeo's tweets Sunday aren't the first time she's discussed the news, either. After Deadline mentioned the actor's recent salary negotiations, she sent a tweet on Thursday to make sure fans knew that the negotiations had nothing to do with Capshaw and Drew leaving the show. Pompeo also noted that the news broke on International Women's Day, and accused Deadline of attempting "to pit women against each other."

Vernoff also responded to the speculation with a lengthy statement shared to Twitter, prompting an update from Deadline. It's clear that Pompeo's pay has nothing to do with the decision to cut Arizona and April from the show.

It's going to be difficult for fans to accept that April and Arizona won't be on Grey's Anatomy anymore. But the show's viewers will have to take Pompeo and Vernoff at their word, and trust the showrunners' vision for the show. Still, if April and/or Arizona end up dying, it's safe to say the backlash won't be fading away anytime soon.