Emilia Clarke Is Giving Fans A Chance To Tour The 'GoT' Set & You'll Want To Sign Right Up

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes of Game of Thrones with Khaleesi herself? Even though the night is dark and full of terrors, at least Emilia Clarke's Game of Thrones set tour video is both hilarious and very, very real. The actor best known as HBO's own Mother of Dragons is raising money for the Royal College of Nursing Foundation through Omaze, and if you donate to the cause, you could win a chance to have lunch and tour the set of GoT with her. Clarke released a five-minute teaser video for her charitable cause, and it is breathtakingly funny in a way Game of Thrones rarely gets to be these days.

Most of the time, actors that raise money through Omaze do fun, brief promotional videos to announce it. Not Clarke, though. Fully dressed, made-up, and in the Khaleesi wig, the actor looks prepared to walk into one of her scenes at a moment's notice. As it soon turns out, she really is shooting behind-the-scenes footage from behind the scenes of Game of Thrones. Despite being locked out of multiple set pieces, and hyping up fans for what turns out to be a green screen, Clarke's short GoT set tour is enough to make you consider donating. Also, she's joined by a special guest from the show, and it's probably not the one you're thinking of.

Yes, that's right — of all the people in all the many Game of Thrones lands, it's Kit "Jon Snow" Harington that materializes and begrudgingly participates in Clarke's video. A running joke throughout the clip is that she's brought in her film crew unauthorized, so it's no surprise that Harington acts momentarily put off by this. It also continues Clarke's tradition of being overjoyed to run into her coworkers at any given moment, as she's posted joyful reunions with Jason Momoa, Rose Leslie, and Harington before.

Of course, fans don't get to see too much happen in the video. It begins with Clarke ignoring a "closed set" sign, follows her swiping a lanyard to take people behind literal closed doors, and fleeing in a panic when her attempted break-in sets off an alarm at the warehouses on set. It's adorable and hilarious. Who wouldn't want to have lunch with Khaleesi after this? Maybe she could even pass on some tips on reacting to things with your eyebrows.

One of the real highlights of the video is the moment Clarke takes the crew inside of her trailer. There, fans discover, she's adorned her ceiling with photos of former TV husband Jason Momoa. And not even moments of them together. It's just a collage of images of Momoa doing various things: modeling, posing, existing. She's sprinkled in a couple photos of Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin for good measure, and one or two electrifying moments of the show. But really, it's a Jason Momoa carnival, which she had (incorrectly) assumed the producers would ignore. (Just be sure not to tell Lisa Bonet, whom Momoa married at some point in the last few years.)

As for GoT Season 8 spoilers? Yeah, no such luck there. The closest fans will get to Game of Thrones spoilers from Clarke in this video is... in the form of a joke. She begins to read from a script, but the crew has literally pixellated it out of the video. It's also probably not a real script, as she's wearing an exact costume from an episode of Season 7. It's not like Khaleesi to repeat looks if she can avoid it.

In order to win a full Game of Thrones set tour in person and lunch with Clarke in Belfast, all you have to do is visit her official fundraising page and make a donation to the Royal College of Nursing Foundation. Any attempt to manipulate the results through the use of blood magic will likely result in disqualification.