Emily Blunt Has Been Nominated For A BAFTA

by Amy Mackelden
Universal Pictures

With awards season in full swing, there's major speculation right now regarding which names will feature when the Oscar nominations are announced on Jan. 24, 2017. As the winners of the Golden Globes have already been announced, the internet is alive with predictions for the Oscars, and there are several obvious frontrunners. However, Tuesday saw the 2017 BAFTA nominations revealed, and there are more than a few surprises on the list. In particular, could Emily Blunt's BAFTA nomination for her role in The Girl On The Train mean that she's in the running for an Academy Award after all?

The much-hyped The Girl On The Train received a somewhat tepid reception when it was released in Oct. 2016. One thing about the movie was undeniable, though: Blunt's performance as divorced, alcoholic Rachel Watson was remarkable and recognition of her part is totally deserved. Even though the movie failed to excite critics, Blunt's performance was never questioned. It's incredibly hard to believe that the accomplished actor has never won, or even been nominated for, an Oscar. Could Emily Blunt win an Oscar for The Girl On The Train? Obviously, she should've been nominated way back in 2007 for her role in 2006's The Devil Wears Prada, but better late than never, right?

Blunt's nomination in the Leading Actress category at the 2017 BAFTAs isn't surprising. Her role in thriller The Girl On The Train required the actor to completely part with vanity and appear at her absolute worst. Some of the most amazing scenes in the movie take place when Blunt is onscreen solo, traveling drunk on the train that passes her ex-husband's house. Not wearing any make-up and concealing alcohol in plastic bottles, Blunt's character Rachel is in a dark place, and the Sicario actor completely commits. Throughout the movie, she looks consistently lost, hopeless, ill, drunk, and totally pathetic, which a testament to Blunt's abilities as a performer.

It's hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of Rachel in The Girl On The Train, which is why it's so exciting to see Blunt nominated for a BAFTA for it. Somewhat surprisingly, Blunt has never won a BAFTA either, despite being one of the best British actors working today. She was nominated twice back in 2007, for the annual Rising Star Award, and for Best Actress In A Supporting Role for her part in The Devil Wears Prada, because obviously. But she was never a winner.

Despite being up against Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, and Natalie Portman at the 2017 BAFTAs, I'm hopeful that Blunt's amazing performance in The Girl On The Train will finally get her the recognition she deserves.