Emma Watson Says Her Friends Don’t Understand Her ‘Friends’ Addiction, But Who Cares If They Get It

By Mathew Jedeikin
Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Turns out Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson is huge fan of Friends, but her own IRL friends apparently don't support her television watching preferences. During a question and answer session with Coveteur, Watson was asked about her "go-to binge watch of choice," and she admitted that she regularly watches Friends reruns:

"This is going to make me seem very uncool, but Friends! It blows my American friends’ minds, but in the UK, Friends still plays. There’s one channel that it’s on basically all the time, and I will watch Friends reruns forever. My friends are like, ‘Why are you doing this?’ It’s one of those comforting things to have in the background that just kind of makes you feel like everything’s going to be okay."

First of all, how are her American friends blown away by the fact that Friends still airs frequently in the UK? Friends reruns play on numerous channels here in the U.S., and the entire series is currently available to watch on Netflix. But more importantly, how do they not get that watching a classic old sitcom can make you feel comforted and relaxed? Especially in today's political climate, I say whatever you can do to make yourself feel like everything's going to be OK is a good thing. Well, not anything, but there's certainly no reason to feel uncool because you like chillin' at home watching a Friends marathon.

Watson also did feature for Coveteur that included a shoot in her closet and a discussion about sustainable fashion. "I’m still working up to it," Watson explained, "but I’m trying to set a challenge of how much sustainable stuff can I wear on the red carpet. I’ve been working with Livia Firth a lot. She does the Green Carpet Challenge, and she has an agency, Eco-Age. It’s been a huge learning curve; really challenging, but really rewarding."

In the words of Chandler, "Could she be any cooler?"


For real though, Watson is crazy talented, but also vocal about important issues like global feminism and ecological sustainability. She seems like a hard-working, all around awesome person. So what if her guilty pleasure is re-watching old episodes of Friends? To Watson I say, don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang!