Say "Bonjour" To A New 'Beauty & The Beast' Clip

Walt Disney Studios

You might want to sit down for this. Disney has released a new clip from its upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, and it's pretty spectacular. The film, which stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as The Beast, is just a month away from being released in theaters, and we're getting more and more hints as to what this new version of the animated classic will look like as the film approaches. Emma Watson sings "Belle" in the Beauty and the Beast clip, and, even the most skeptical fans will have to agree, it looks pretty good.

The new Beauty and the Beast clip features the entire first half of the song and follows Belle as she walks into her "provincial town." Noticeably absent from the clip is Belle's opening lines of the song, and that's not the only difference. The song has been slightly tweaked for the film, with Belle interacting with more villagers, including a forgetful Monsieur Jean. Another change is the book she is returning to the bookshop. In the Disney animated classic, Belle has just finished a fairy tale about "a beanstalk and an ogre," but in this new live-action version, she's just read a book about "two lovers in fair Verona" (aka Romeo and Juliet).

The clip gives us a closer look at Belle's village, but sadly, doesn't include a new look at Gaston. Still, despite Gaston's absence from the clip, there is still plenty of eye candy in the form of set design. With the costumes and building design, Disney has certainly succeeded in creating a storybook world on the big screen. Overall, the clip makes me think that this live-action Beauty and the Beast will be very similar to the animated film, in a very good way.

We'll probably have to wait for the actual films to see the rest of the song. So, until then, Belle, au revoir!