The Final 'Beauty & The Beast' Trailer Has Arrived

The tale as old as time is getting retold with a modern twist. While you've likely already watched the previous teasers dozens of times, Disney debuted the final Beauty And The Beast trailer during Monday night's episode of The Bachelor and it's the ultimate dose of nostalgia. Not only do you get to see several of the movie's minor characters ranging from Lumière to Gaston, but it's also your first chance to hear Ariana Grande and John Legend's "Beauty And The Beast" song. And considering the track brings together two major talents, it's as enchanting as you'd expect. Seriously, you'll want to hear the full song ASAP.

Soundtrack aside, this trailer perfectly ties together elements of the 1991 animated film. Emma Watson's Belle is seen wearing her classic blue-and-white dress and reading. And then, the drama shifts to the more intense side, as she tries to fight off wolves. I must say, seeing snippets of the live-action version is definitely more emotional than just watching cartoons on screen. While I saw the original version countless times as a kid, this trailer is so captivating that I can't wait to watch the plot unfold all over again. It's especially touching to see Belle trying to help the Beast recover and sip soup after he rescues her from those wolves.

You can watch the final trailer — and arguably the best one — below. Oh, and be sure to keep your ears open for the Grande and Legend track.

If you weren't already super excited for this movie, I'm guessing this helped push you over the edge. You can officially start your countdown to March 17 now.