Eric Treated His 'Bachelorette' Experience Like "Therapy"

Randy Sager/ ABC

Another season of The Bachelorette has come to an end, with some seriously controversial results. In the season finale, Rachel broke up with fan favorites Eric and Peter, and ended up engaged to less popular contestant Bryan. Though fans are not happy about Rachel's Bachelorette choice, one guy is walking away with only positive thoughts about the experience. Hugging enthusiast and Finale 3 Bachelorette contestant Eric Bigger sat down with the ladies of Bustle's Will You Accept This Podcast? to talk about all he's learned from his experience (and share his three-step hugging process). And, he took away a lot from the emotional journey.

The Baltimore native came in third on Rachel's season, but for him, it was all about the journey. "It was therapy for me," he shared about how his experience on The Bachelorette taught him how to be open to love. Though Eric confessed to Rachel that he had never been in love before, he told Bustle that being on the show taught him not to be afraid of those emotions. "What I think people don't know about me, I do a lot of work on myself. I'm so analytical, sometimes can try to be too perfect, I don't want to make a mistake. And I learned a lot," Eric shares, "Because I'm like I have to get what I'm supposed to get from this. I'm not running from love no more."

Eric also shared that a difficult part of the entire experience was learning how to be open and honest about his emotions. Even though he nearly always seemed to be a force of happiness and positivity on the show, Eric told Bustle that sometimes those good vibes are masking some real pain. But by being constantly confronted with questions about his emotions by Rachel and the producers, Eric learned not to shy away from talking about his feelings.

It sure seems like Eric has come a long way from the man who started the show being afraid of opening up. It's so good to hear that being on The Bachelorette, which often seems like a completely emotionally draining experience, was in the end a chance for Eric to grow and develop into an even better person than he already was.

And even though he didn't win Rachel's heart, Eric had nothing but words of positivity for Rachel and her new fiancé, even sharing that Bryan was his close friend on the show. Maybe the next time he sees him, Eric can give him one of his famous three-step hugs in congratulations. Dying to know about this superior hugging process and the rest of his Bachelorette secrets? Listen to Bustle's Will You Accept This Podcast? for a lesson in hugging and much more about Eric's Bachelorette experience.