Erika Jayne’s Tip For New Real Housewives Is Hilariously Her

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With a few seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills under the belt of her spandex catsuit, Erika Girardi has quite a suggestion for any newcomers. In a recent interview with Paper magazine, Erika Jayne offered up advice to any new Real Housewives. The gist of the tip: Don’t talk about things you aren’t involved with — and that’s a gentle way of putting it.

When Paper asked for a nugget of wisdom for Real Housewives newbies, boy did she ever have a reply on deck. Never one to mince words, the “Xxpen$ive” singer advised newcomers “shut the f*ck up about things you weren't there for.” She told the publication,

“Shut up. [Laughing] Shut the f*ck up about things you weren't there for. 'Cause you don't know anybody. I'm sorry, is that rude? Believe me, you're going to have to comment on stuff that happens in front of you, so just wait until that happens. 'Cause if you go out on a limb, you're going be the only one out there, honey. And no one's coming to save you, girl.”

Wait. Is this just a general suggestion, or could it be a hint about something that happens during Season 8? Might it be directed at any castmates in particular?

*Squints at Erika's quote for 20 seconds.* Oh, what if it's about this year’s rookie? Did new Beverly Hills Housewife Teddi Jo Mellencamp get on Erika’s bad side? Did Teddi Jo immediately jump into the fray and start offering her takes on stuff that happened in past seasons? Did Teddi Jo have some things to say about the junk boat fracas or whatever? Or wait, is this piece of advice actually pointed at last year's new addition, Dorit Kemsley? Or both? Or neither? Or herself? Or everyone?

Whatever the motivation behind this piece of advice, it looks like someone may ruffle Erika's feathers. But who? Can't wait to find out. Augh, get here already, Dec. 19.

Also? Erika's recommendation seems like a pretty solid piece of advice for anyone, Real Housewife or not. Sure, sometimes, you’ll bring up an argument you didn’t witness firsthand because you’re defending someone or something in earnest. You may get some of the details wrong (hey, you weren’t there!), but your heart is in the right place. And that's admirable.

However, mixing things up when you really don't have a connection to the situation? And after everyone has moved on from the situation? Whew, that’s a different story.

For example, say a new Beverly Hills Housewife joined the cast and immediately rekindled the BunnyGate feud. What if she let everyone know how she felt about the whole thing? And what if she told all parties involved how they should've handled the debacle? What if it was a big ol' mess? (Again, this is just a hypothetical and random example.) Frankly, it'd be one too many cooks in the conflict kitchen. And the new Real Housewife would be the only one standing in the kitchen without the recipe. Oh, and the cooks with the recipe would've finished the dish a year ago. Sometimes, it's best to just step back and let the designated cooks do their thing.

As sensible as Erika's tip to newbies is, could you imagine a season of Real Housewives where everyone stayed out of each other’s business? And never talked about fights that they weren't a part of? And made a point to not turn their co-stars' "private" conversations into games of telephone? A season without a sloppy round of telephone (or five) wouldn't feel right. It sounds too... polite. And measured. And chill. Let's cross our fingers that it never happens.