The ‘RHOBH’ Bunny Is The New Star Of ‘WWHL’

by Kristie Rohwedder
Charles Sykes/Bravo

Ryan Murphy called it: The inanimate object that took The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 by storm is now on display in the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Clubhouse. No, it is not Lisa Rinna’s bag of supplements. It is the BunnyGate bunny. After Kim Richards attempted and failed to return the stuffed toy to Rinna at the post-season sit-down, Andy Cohen said he would like to bring it to the Clubhouse. And bring the BunnyGate bunny to the WWHL Clubhouse is what he did. On Tuesday’s episode of WWHL, the King of Bravo announced that the bunny (and its plastic cocoon) is now part of the late-night show set.

When I look at the heartwarming pics of Cohen and his guests holding the BunnyGate bunny in the Clubhouse, I almost move on from its devastating reunion cameo. I almost move on from Rinna’s single tear. I almost move on from the haunting sound of the crinkling cellophane. Of course, nothing will ever actually make me let go of this Season 7 reunion moment. Murphy himself could swing by the Clubhouse to pay respects to the BunnyGate bunny and I would be like, “Ah, this is great, but remember when Kyle Richards plugged her ears in fear?” BunnyGate is far too powerful a moment in Real Housewives history. The BunnyGate bunny appears to be over it, but I can't leave that scene behind. Not yet.

And hey, it looks like WWHL isn’t ready to leave it behind either.

Cohen, Andrea Martin, Lea Michele, John Oliver, and Dorinda Medley all welcomed the once-reviled toy with open arms. Any bad energy that might've been hovering over the BunnyGate bunny disappeared. The curse has been lifted.

Gone are the days of the BunnyGate bunny getting tossed back and forth like an unwanted plastic-wrapped hot potato.

Cohen's guests treat BunnyGate bunny like the rare and perfect jewel that is.

And after the tumultuous RHOBH season it had, the BunnyGate bunny deserves it.

Charles Sykes/Bravo

The BunnyGate bunny has a new home, new pals, and a new destiny. The BunnyGate bunny has left that RHOBH debacle in the rearview for good. The BunnyGate bunny has moved on.

And yet, I may never move on.