This Gameboy-Inspired Makeup Is The Ultimate '90s Beauty Product

Can the world get enough nostalgia? All signs are pointing to a definite no. From television reboots to '90s fashion come backs, everyone appears to adore peeking into the past. Now, Gamboy-inspired makeup has come along, and it may just be the next big thing in throwback beauty.

Espionage Cosmetics crafts self-proclaimed "nerd makeup," and their latest creation is a makeup loving gamer's dream come true. The brand is selling compacts that look like old school Gameboy cartridges. If you ever spent nights under a lamp — because backlit games weren't a thing, you whippersnapper — playing Zelda or Pac-Man, these new products are going to be a total win for you.

The cartridge-inspired packagings aren't just empty compacts. They're actually kits that include an eyeshadow of your choice. You can also shop multiple shadows that can be mixed and matched inside each of the cartridges. Currently, the brand has taken inspiration from games like the Legend of Zelda and Tetris for their 90s-inspired cartridge compacts. You can choose just one, or you can snag all three of the new products.

Sound like your new must have? Well, there's good news and bad news. You can't get these ultra-cool products right away because a launch is still upcoming. However, the brand is offering a pre-sale on the nostalgia-inducing items. According to the website, if you want to take advantage of the pre-sale, the compacts will start shipping May 15, 2018. They're retailing for just $16, and if you order during the sale, you'll get a set of nail wraps included with your purchase.

Espionage Cosmetics seems to embrace their "nerd makeup" moniker. Not only do they have the Gameboy-inspired compacts, but they also feature a Harry Potter-inspired spell palette and an RPG-themed palette. If you love "nerdy" things, Espionage is basically a must-have.

Cartridge Compact Kit: Nerd Makeup Chomp Cat, $16, Espionage Cosmetics

Espionage Cosmetics isn't alone when it comes to nostalgia-inducing cosmetics. It seems that many makeup companies love to revisit their younger days through beauty.

A few months ago, Lime Crime launched a collection of Polly Pocket-inspired eyeshadows. With their giant bow on the front and colorful plastic-appearance, they were reminiscent of all your favorite '90s toys.

Lime Crime isn't alone. Cosmic Brushes launched an incredible set of glitter-filled makeup brushes that aren't just sparkly but totally reminiscent of '90s era glitter pens. The brushes went viral — and for good reason.

While the brushes are great, is there anything more quintessential to the decade than Lisa Frank? The brightly-colored, unicorn-coated, leopard-spotted brand covered notebooks and pens everywhere in the '90s. Now, it's covering makeup brushes, eyeshadows, and bronzer thanks to Glamour Dolls.

If you remember walking the halls of your school with a Lip Smacker attached to a carabiner, you probably were excited when Lip Smacker released their adorable Tsum Tsum Disney lip balms. The adorably packaged OG lip protectant isn't just affordable, but it's a total throwback. When Lip Smackers meets Disney, childhood dreams actually do come true. And you don't even have to wish upon a star.

While you can never go back to your childhood, brands seem to be embracing people's desire to reminisce. And Espionage Cosmetics is doing so with a twist. The brand is combining nostalgia with nerdy goods, and it's basically a match made in heaven.

If you still love playing 18-bit games or if you're a current makeup-loving gamer, the Gameboy cartridge-inspired compacts are definitely worth the wait until May. Mark your calendar!