Here Are Etsy's Biggest Wedding Trends Of 2017

Like fashion, wedding trends are cyclical. Every few years, people get excited about the same things they were already once excited for. So sometimes the secret of keeping up with wedding trends is actually looking back. Luckily, in order to further streamline that process, Etsy's trend experts put together a list of the top wedding trends based on stats, industry trends, and the overall activity on the site — aka, what sellers are listing and what customers are buying. And while you'll notice a lot of fresh ideas, you'll already be familiar many others.

From far away, the differences between wedding trends always seem small: the dress is always white, the engagement rings always have diamonds and the flowers are heavily incorporated in both the fashion and the decor. But some of the smaller details, like materials, colors, textiles, lettering, and shapes, change quite drastically. If you're like me and spend way too much time on Etsy imagining your dream wedding, you know that there are so many different styles to choose from. With over 1.7 million creative sellers in the Etsy community and more than 45 million unique items, it's hard to ever settle on one thing. The browsing alone is fun.

That said, there are definitely certain things that people are flocking to for their big day. Here are the biggest wedding trends Etsy uncovered in their report for 2017:

Uniquely Hued Dresses

Bridal gowns of all shades and hues are the new thing, according to Etsy's buying trends. While some of the colors are subtle, like ivory, champagne and blush, some daring brides are playing with metallics, and even darker colors. The classic all-white wedding dress is no longer the standard norm.

Champagne Nude Ivory Wedding Dress, $945, Jurgita Bridal


The typical engagement ring was always a diamond. Now, brides-to-be are interested in gemstones either in addition or in place of diamonds. The most popular engagement rings are colorful and unique. While they don't look traditional, they're more affordable and more easily customizable.

14k White Gold Sapphire Engagement Ring, $2199, Eternal Jewelry LV

Gifting Suites

Instead of making individual little goodie bags for each guest, couples are now arranging gifting suites so that guests can pick out and put together their own gift bags. It makes the process easier on the couple and the goodies more personal for the guests. They just designate an area for all the goodies to be laid out and let guests go to it at their leisure and pick out the things that they want.

Set of 25 Wedding Candle Favors, $62, Bitter Willoughby


The photo booth is old news. Now, couples are introducing new types of memorabilia into their big days. Illustrators, calligraphers, and artists are setting up shop to create one of a kind personalized pieces for wedding guests. When guests walk away with these tokens, the big day is immortalized.

Wedding Illustration, $25+, Pera Design

Matte Black

Forget the polished, the shined, or the textured, good old matte black is back in style for invitations and decorations. Brides are into the simple, minimalist, chic look of the flat black and are choosing it for all sorts of things. From painted flowers to table settings.

Fifth Avenue Collection, $7.95, Robbin's Nest Design Studio