Evan Bass & Carly Waddell's Wedding Will Air Despite The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Suspension


As Bachelor Nation knows by now, alleged "misconduct" on the set of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 has halted production. But while the fourth season may be postponed indefinitely, it's been confirmed to E! News that the most loved-up couple from Season 3 will still get married on TV. Yes, Evan Bass and Carly Waddell's wedding is still very much on.

UPDATE: In a video posted by TMZ, Jackson says "no comment" in response to numerous questions about the alleged incident. Asked if he's upset about reports alleging that Olympios claims she did not give consent, Jackson responded, ""No, no. I'm all good."

UPDATE #2: On Wednesday, June 14, Corinne Olympios' rep released a statement about the Bachelor In Paradise allegations to Bustle:

UPDATE #3: On the evening of Wednesday, June 14, Jackson released a statement about Olympios' allegations to E! News:

UPDATE #4: On June 20, an ABC spokesperson provided the following statement to Bustle:

Warner Bros.' statement to Bustle read,

EARLIER: Initially, Evan and Carly's wedding was intended to air as part of Season 4, which was slated to premiere on Aug. 8. E! News is now reporting that, while the cast of Bachelor in Paradise have all been sent home, members of the production crew have remained in Mexico in preparation for Evan and Carly's big day.

As the only couple from Season 3 that are still together, it's an important love story for committed viewers of the Bachelor and all of its iterations. Regardless of whether Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise resumes filming or not, Evan and Carly's wedding day will be aired as a special episode for fans of the series. But don't think that this means that the horrifying allegations that have come out during Season 4 filming aren't being treated with all the seriousness that they deserve.

People reports that Season 4 filming ceased following an alleged sexual encounter between DeMario Jackson and an inebriated female contestant who allegedly wasn't capable of consenting. ABC and Warner Bros. are taking this alleged misconduct during Bachelor in Paradise seriously. In a statement released to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. said, "We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action."

It's important that the team behind the show are taking the incident seriously and want to ensure the situation is handled correctly. But fans of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 can rest assured that last season's greatest love story will still be televised. The wedding is sure to be a who's who of Bachelor alumni, including the likes of Wells Adams, Shawn Booth, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Luke Pell, Jade Tolbert, and Juelia Kinney. It's reassuring to know that Evan and Carly are still very much in love and intend to spend the rest of their lives together, and it will give fans something to hold onto amidst the ongoing investigation into Season 4.