Topshop Is Selling Fake News Jeans & They'll Cost You More Than A Newspaper Subscription

New year, same obnoxious fashion trends. Topshop is selling Fake News Jeans, and they cost more than a monthly newspaper subscription. The jeans are actually sold out, as Teen Vogue points out, just in time for President Trumps Fake News Awards. Don't worry though, there's a good chance that they'll be back, if you are into that sort of thing.

Topshop is no stranger to ridiculous trends. In the past year, the brand has gone viral for selling clear "jeans" that have been deemed "the worst of all time" and the clear panel mom jeans. The brand is not slowing down in the new year, either. Topshop is selling mid-rise jeans with a bright red ribbon repeating the phrase "fake news" down the sides.

The jeans are without a doubt a play on President Trump's well-loved term "fake news" that he has used to criticize media that he does not agree with. While it might not surprise you that these jeans are actually a thing, the price might. It will cost you $90 to make this infamous slogan into a personal fashion trend.

Bustle has reached out to see if the jeans will be restocked on Topshop.

MOTO 'Fake News' Slogan Straight Leg Jeans, $90, Topshop

It's not the first time a brand has profited off a problematic Trumpism. After he called Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" during the election, fashion jumped all over the sartorial slogan. Some items donated proceeds to charity, while some didn't. Just for the record, MOTO's $90 'Fake News' Slogan Straight Leg Jeans do not donate any of the proceeds to any charity.

You know what else you could do with the money these jeans cost? You could buy a two-month subscription to the New York Times. You know, the publication that first announced the Time's Up movement and the Harvey Weinstein scandal. You could also donate to the ACLU, the national organization that works daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

MOTO 'Fake News' Slogan Straight Leg Jeans, $90, Topshop

This is not the first time that the term "fake news" has been printed on fashion items. In November 2017, a boy was told he couldn't wear his fake news" shirt on a field trip. Donald Trump Jr. posted a photo of himself wearing a "very fake news" shirt earlier last year, too. There's even a "fake news" necklace that gives 10 percent of proceeds to female empowerment charities.

MOTO 'Fake News' Slogan Straight Leg Jeans, $90, Topshop

Despite the pants being sold out, there aren't any photos of people styling them on social media yet. It's possible, however, that everyone is saving them for the Fake News Awards on Jan. 12. After all, it's the perfect occasion to break them out and make a questionable statement.