After Demi Left 'The Bachelor,' Fans Are Really, Really Rooting For Her To Head To 'Paradise'

Rick Rowell/ABC; Kelly Regan/Twitter

Even though she was dubbed the villain of the current Bachelor season, Demi Burnett was also beloved. She always blessed the fandom with some premium entertainment. So when she got eliminated on Monday night, many watching wondered, "What is Demi going to do next?" Well, if you ask Twitter, fans really want Demi on Bachelor in Paradise. Colton who?

To quickly recap, Demi made every group date fun. She provided laughs throughout the episodes. Her hair was always perfectly curled. She not only brought a lot to the table, but she really brought the table itself. And when she got eliminated, viewers lost out on some prime Demi footage. Demi on a hometown date would've been golden. Nevertheless, the fandom is looking for the silver lining in her heartbreaking elimination. She's bound to be the queen of Bachelor in Paradise, right?

No more group dates. Plus, she will have multiple guys to choose from. Most likely, her perfect curls will hold up in the humidity. And, of course, she will have an opportunity to call the shots herself instead of always waiting around for a rose. If anyone is meant to thrive in Paradise, it's Demi. And the fans are so ready for it. Is it summertime yet?


She'll Totally Rule 'BIP'

There is no doubt about it: Demi is going to be the queen of Bachelor in Paradise. She stole the spotlight during ever Bachelor episode. She is bound to be the star yet again.


She *Better* Be On 'Paradise'

She has to be on Bachelor in Paradise, right!? If she's not a part of the cast, there are plenty of fans who will be disappointed.


She Can Pop Champagne In Mexico

She managed pop champagne while fending for herself in the jungle. Just imagine how much she will thrive at an all inclusive reort in Mexico.


She Deserves To Find Love

Bachelor Season 20 alum Caila Quinn sees Demi for who she is: a super sweet person who deserves to find her match. Let's just hope that guy will be on BIP. Don't let us down, casting directors.


She'll Probably Be Popular In 'Paradise'

Fighting for time with the Bachelor seems like a pretty stressful situation. This is not an obstacle Demi would have to face in Paradise. Instead, she can spend her time with whoever she wants. And most likely, there will be more than one guy trying to hang with her.


She Has A Bright Future In The Franchise

No one can blame Demi for being upset after getting sent home, but she has so much coming up. She is bound to be a star on Instagram and on BIP.


She Will Run That Show

Aside from the Bachelor himself, Demi was practically running the season. There's no doubt that she's going to be in her element if she signs up for Bachelor in Paradise.


She Earned that 'BIP' Spot

She gave us laughter, tears, and everything in between during this season of The Bachelor. If anyone nailed the "audition" for Paradise, it's Demi.


She Will Be Just Fine

Wipe those tears, Demi. It's time to pick up the self tanner and sunblock for Paradise.


She Really Grew On Everyone

Sure, Demi was a "villain," but she was just so lovable, vulnerable, and true to herself. Fans will miss watching her on The Bachelor, but hopefully this isn't the last of her in the franchise.


She'll Be Missed

Who is going to entertain us now? No one left brings the comedic relief the way Demi can. Is it time for BIP yet?


She Has Everyone Excited For 'Paradise'

There are a lot of people who are excited about Demi going on the show and it hasn't even been announced... yet.

At this rate, Demi is the most eagerly anticipated (possible) Bachelor in Paradise cast member, so fingers crossed she really does head to Mexico.