Twitter Will Miss Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer More

Depending on how prescient you've been feeling lately, you may have seen Sean Spicer's resignation as White House Press Secretary coming from a mile away. Spicer has been noticeably out of the spotlight in recent months, with his press briefing appearances becoming fewer and far between. Now, in the wake of his departure, the internet is celebrating his exit, while also lamenting Melissa McCarthy's Saturday Night Live future playing Spicer.

McCarthy's interpretation of Spicer on SNL was nothing if not beloved by a large swath of Americans. Amplifying Spicer's tendency to talk down to White House reporters, use confusing language, and even unintentionally turn things into a joke, McCarthy nailed her impression of Spicer. It all came to a head when she filmed an iconic SNL skit where she rode on a podium down the streets of New York City. The stunt attracted lots of social media attention as it was filmed and became one of her biggest moments playing the former White House Press Secretary.

In light of Spicer's resignation and the installation of wealthy financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications director, it would seem that Twitter cares just as much — if not more — about what this means for McCarthy's time on SNL than anything else. It's understandable: Spicer may have provided some derision-worthy material while in his briefings, but McCarthy's ability to distill those moments into comedy that absolutely nailed the absurdity of it all really left audiences enamored.

One of the many reactions on Twitter in regards to Spicer's departure was about how this would turn out for McCarthy. Some on Twitter voiced their sadness that this would be the end of another great SNL era, since there would seemingly be no reason to bring McCarthy back on with no new material available.

One Twitter user jokingly shamed Spicer for daring to leave his post 3 and a half years early, depriving us of more McCarthy SNL skits in the future:

And finally, some just said what we were all thinking: The real loss the American people have suffered today is that McCarthy will most likely not return to SNL, not that Spicer has moved on.

Then again, SNL loves to bring iconic characters back from time to time. So the chances are still good the McCarthy will reappear as Spicer at some point, if only to try and make us laugh one more time.