Rihanna Is Obsessed With Her Newest Fenty Beauty Product

Fenty Beauty cream bronzer and blush is launching soon in the Cheeksout Collection.
Fenty Beauty/Instagram

Rihanna may not be dropping new music (unfortunately), but she is dropping new makeup. Fenty Beauty cream blushes and bronzers are on their way, thanks to the new Cheeksout Collection. According to Rihanna herself, they're not only perfect for your upcoming spring break vacation but one of her favorite products from her brand.

In an Instagram post, the Fenty Beauty revealed its new lineup of cream products, and yes, all of the shades are new and as diverse as the brand's existing MatchStix and Sun Stalk'r Bronzers. The difference is in the formula. The new creams are sheer but buildable and offer a dewier finish that separates it from the matte powder of Sun Stalk'r and the glittering highlight of Fenty's MatchStix.

No official launch date or pricing has been revealed as of press time, but at an influencer event held by the brand on Wednesday night, attendees gave their followers a sneak peek into Rihanna's own thoughts about the new products.

YouTuber Nyma Tang uploaded swatches of both the cream blushes and bronzers, showcasing the upcoming launch's diverse shades. Tang also captured Rihanna explaining the decision to create the new creams. The mogul says in Tang's Instagram story that while she has already created powder bronzer, she wanted something for the beach and vacation. Enter: Fenty's cream bronzer and blushes.

Makeup artist Hindash and influencer MakeupShayla were also in attendance and both uploaded footage of the mogul discussing the new products. According to their stories, the new creams may be Rihanna's favorite Fenty Beauty product. In the uploads, the singer and brand owner explains that she feels closest to the creams because she's worked on them for the longest amount of time and goes on to admit they are one of her favorite products in the Fenty Range.

If you're excited about winter's end and craving the dewy glow of spring and summer, Fenty Beauty's Cheeksout collection has your complexion covered.