What 'The Bachelor's "Right Reasons" Actually Are

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Lauren Betesh/Bustle

It's the number one catchphrase from the number one reality dating show in the nation. If you are a fan The Bachelor franchise, then you have almost certainly heard someone talk about being there (or not being there) "for the right reasons." But what exactly are the right reasons for going on The Bachelor? Recently Bachelor Nation alums JP and Ashley Rosenbaum stopped by a special edition of Bustle's Bachelor podcast, Will You Accept This Podcast? to discuss those reasons, voice their thoughts on Corinne, give advice to Nick's winner, and reveal whether they wish they were on the show in the time of Instagram endorsements.

If you ask me, JP and Ashley definitely went on the show for the right reasons. They both claim that they weren't looking to get famous or continue with the lifestyle that the Bachelor contestants seem to desire nowadays (although much of that lifestyle wasn't really around back then). Ashley thinks that the right reasons for going on the show are when "you're looking for a little change in your life." The couple also told Bustle TV Editor Martha Sorren that if you go on the show dead-set to find love, you may get to swayed by your environment.

After all, the people who go on the show expecting to find real love on night one and become obsessed with it are usually not the ones who succeed. (Olivia Caridi, anyone?) JP echoed his wife's sentiment by explaining his own reasons for joining The Bachelorette. He said he went on to "have a cool story to tell and travel a little bit." They both suggest entering the situation with an open mind, looking to get away and get some traveling under your belt. If you find love, then it was meant to be.

It is pretty clear that, these days, some people go on the show to come out with the Instagram following and use their popularity to get some extra cash through Instagram endorsements. Unfortunately for JP and Ashley, they weren't able to take full advantage of this opportunity because it simply wasn't around during their season. But, both of them agree that they weren't really looking to get into that much anyways, because they were just looking forward to getting back to normal life together after the experience.

And, that seems to have worked out for them quite well as they're going on year six of being together and they have two adorable children together. You can even hear their daughter Essex join in on her first ever podcast in the audio above. Take it from me — it's too cute.