'Fixer Upper' Stars Chip & Joanne Gaines Gave Their New Baby A Super Meaningful Name

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Those who've witnessed the unmatched sweetness that is Chip and Joanna Gaines' family have probably already heard the Fixer Upper couple's exciting baby news. If you haven't, then you should know that the Fixer Upper stars welcomed their fifth child, an angel-faced baby boy, into the world on Saturday, June 23. Since his birth, the internet has been buzzing with questions, like, what did Chip and Joanna Gaines name their baby? Fans harboring similar inquiries should head on over to Joanna's Instagram, where she shared a string of photos from the hospital room and revealed the infant's name.

"Our baby boy, Crew Gaines, is here and we couldn't be more in love," Joanna wrote, opening the post's caption. Continuing, the new mom of five got emotional about the arrival of her tiniest bundle of joy. (After catching a glimpse of little Crew's sweet, sleepy face in the accompanying photo, who can blame her?) Revealing that her baby boy came along a bit sooner than the Gaines family had planned, Joanna wrote,

"He made an unexpected (and speedy) entrance into the world two and a half weeks early - which is fitting given he was a sweet surprise from day one."

Wrapping up her heartwarming announcement post, Joanna thanked the couple's fans for their support and good wishes before adding, "We are so grateful."

Fans of the Fixer Upper couple know that "Crew" is a slight departure from the pool of baby-boy names Joanna and Chip usually choose from. As evidenced by those given to their older two sons — Drake and Duke — the two are pretty clearly fans of monikers that start with "D," at least when it comes to naming their boys. So where, then, did "Crew" come from? Well, the jury's still technically out on that one. But, as People mentioned in its report, it sounds like Chip's been dropping hints about the baby's name on social media. So perhaps that'll give fans more insight into where the newest Gaines baby got his name.

"The Gaines crew is now 1 stronger!" Chip tweeted Saturday morning, announcing his son's birth. "10 beautiful toes and 10 beautiful fingers all accounted for, and big momma is doing great!"

Of course, Crew, the proper noun, and crew, the regular ol' noun, can't necessarily be used interchangeably. But, if Chip's reference to the "Gaines crew" in his announcement tweet was intended to be some kind of sly allusion to the new baby's name, then the clue drop might be one of the sweetest the internet has ever seen. Why? Well, if Chip's social media activity is any indication, it looks like the Gaines family likes referring to themselves as a "crew." Following that logic, it seems plausible that Crew's name is somehow meant to honor the family's tight-knit bond. Crying yet?

Judging by the string of photos that cropped up on Joanna's Instagram account Saturday night, it certainly looks like the Gaines have quite a lot to be grateful for. If fans thought that first mom-and-baby snapshot was worth swooning over, it's definitely worth scrolling through the post's other photos, too. First up: A black-and-white, over-the-shoulder shot of the new parents sharing what looks like a pretty powerful moment in the delivery room. After that, the photo sequence continues on to gift fans with a close-up photo of Mom cradling her new infant son.

The rest of the Gaines family doesn't make an appearance until the last photo. But rest assured, this one's worth the wait. The photo pictures the Gaines' eldest four children — Drake, 13, Ella, 11, Duke, 9, and Emmie Kay, 8 — crowding around Joanna's hospital bed, eagerly waiting to get a look at their family's newest member. And as thrilled as the kids look huddled up by Joanna's bedside, their bliss is easily matched by Chip, whose excitement feels palpable, even in a photograph.

No matter how Crew came about his name, the Gaines family's incredible gift for charming the socks off most everyone who's witnessed their cute-ness on social media is almost impossible to ignore. And, if his parents' social media activity over the last 24 hours or so is any indication, it seems safe to say that, deeper meanings aside, Crew's got a pretty great name. And, more importantly — an even greater family.