Watch These Top Models Share Why They Resist — & Why They Want You To Fight Bigotry, Too

by Kali Borovic

There's no better way to top off a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year than with a little good —and your favorite models are getting in on the action. Ford Models and DoSomething are teaming up for a cause, taking on discrimination and bias with the help of notable names in fashion. The agency encouraged models signed to Ford to participate in an activist-oriented video, which details what causes they stand behind in their personal lives. And it's all in the hope to encourage you to speak up about the issues you care about.

A whole lot has happened in 2017, and not all of it was great. Natural disasters impacted the globe due to climate change, allegations of sexual assault against powerful men have been coming to light daily, and many marginalized groups in the U.S. feel alienated and targeted by the current president. Thankfully, Ford Models and DoSomething are teaming up to help tackle this often overwhelming social and political environment.

DoSomething, a digital platform that mobilizes youth to tackle everything from texting and driving to homelessness, enlisted Ford and the models to make the call-to-action video. In the spot, models of different races, gender experiences, and backgrounds speak about some of the issues they stand up, and the people in their lives and memories behind their activism

The models, which include Josephine Le Tutour and Andreja Pejic. cover causes ranging from LGBTQ rights to poverty to racism to accessible healthcare.

The call-to-action isn't to tell you to support one particular cause, though the video does have a progressive lean. Instead, it's urging watchers to think about the causes that mean the most to them — and to then do something about them. No matter where you're at in your activist journey, this video is for you. And it's damn inspiring

According to Teen Vogue, the models featured weren't just picked at random. All of them have a strong opinion on issues and the state of the world that they want to change. Whether specific causes or general activism, these models are making a difference by showing up and speaking out.

“I believe that any individual can, to a certain extent, change the world — and I believe that our generation is conscious that change is needed," Le Tutour tells Teen Vogue.

As part of the collaboration, DoSomething is encouraging users to text FORD to 38383 to find out how they can take action.

"Sexism, poverty, affordable healthcare, LGBTQ rights, climate change, homelessness, and cancer awareness are all causes that our generation has the power to change," the organization writes in an Instagram post. "No matter who you are, or where you’re from, you can make an impact. Take action around the causes you care about."

Though one video won't solve the inequalities outlined by the group of models, it's a step in bringing awareness to the discrimination and bias that is all too common in society. And that awareness is just the first step to powerful action.

What will you speak out about?