A Fox News Host Accidentally Implied Trump & Kim Jong Un Are One In The Same On Live TV

by Caitlin Cruz
Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As President Donald Trump deplaned from Air Force One in Singapore on Sunday morning, a Fox & Friends host accidentally called Trump a "dictator" on live television in America. "There is the president of the United States, Donald Trump, about to walk down those stairs," host Abby Huntsman started out her commentary of a rather typical camera shot of a sitting president. "[He's] stepping foot in Singapore as we wait this historic summit with the North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un."

"This is history," Huntsman said as Trump walked down the stairs. "We are living — regardless of what happens in that meeting between the two dictators — what we are seeing right now, this is history."

Anthony Scaramucci, a one-time and brief White House communications director, was on screen while Huntsman was providing commentary. Neither acknowledged her words at the time. Scaramucci instead said that Trump was "a disruptive risk taker." Scaramucci added, "He’s willing to break what would be the usual bonds of not going to a meeting like this."

Later in the program, Huntsman apologized on air and acknowledged her mistake. "On live TV, you don’t always say things perfectly," Huntsman said. "I called both President Trump and Kim Jong Un a dictator. I did not mean to say that. My mistake, so I apologize for that."

Huntsman also acknowledged her live mistake and later apologized on Twitter. She wrote in reply to someone asking if she would be correcting "the 'two dictators' reference." Huntsman tweeted:

Apologized on the show. I’ll never claim to be a perfect human being. We all have slip ups in life, I have many :) now let’s all move on to things that actually matter.

This meeting on Sentosa Island will be the first meeting between the heads of both countries in literal decades. The island's name means "peace and tranquility," according to BBC. Sentosa Island was renamed in the 1970s to encourage tourism and move away from its history as a pirate haunt and prisoner-of-war camp.

The trip will cap off Kim's recent foray into international travel. Until recently, the notoriously secretive dictator hadn't traveled abroad since he assumed power in 2011. Kim's first trip out of North Korea as the leader — it is believed he was educated in Switzerland — was to China. In fact, Kim visited Chinese President Xi Jinping twice in two months, according to The New York Times.

Before this summit to meet with Trump and representatives of the American government, Kim's most significant trip was a visit to the Military Demarcation Line in the Korean demilitarized zone. Kim briefly stepped over the line into South Korea, making him the first head of North Korea to do so since the 1950s, according to the BBC. South Korean President Moon Jae-in also briefly stepped into North Korea.

The summit between the two countries has been dominating the headlines for weeks as Trump canceled and restarted the summit, and admitted to thinking he doesn't have to "prepare very much" for the negotiations. Needless to say, the summit has been on everyone's minds for weeks.

Huntsman's slip of the tongue immediately lit up Twitter when her gaffe was clipped into a short video to share. Her subsequent apology did not seem to go nearly as mini-viral as the clip.

Adam Best, founder of The Left, called it the "most honest thing ever said in the program's history" in his tweet with the video. Similarly, Holly Figueroa O’Reilly, the founder of Bluewave Crowdsource, tweeted her surprise that "Fox News accidentally told the truth." March For Our Lives Chief Strategist Matt Deitsch tweeted: "Fox News just called Trump a dictator. Finally, intellectual reporting." Obviously, Americans who back Trump likely weren't as thrilled with the slip-up.