Fox Picks Up 2 New Underdog Series

CBS Studios

Fox has picked up two single-camera pilots, reports Deadline. The two new Fox series are underdog stories which proves Fox knows their audience — everyone loves a good underdog story because we've all been the gal (or guy) without the upper hand before. Both series are described as "workplace" comedies, which is also something many of us, stuck in cubicles next to the guy from accounting who farts all the time (no offense to that guy), can totally relate to. The first series, Type-A, comes from the team behind the popular CBS series Life in Pieces executive producer Jason Winer and writer-producer Lesley Wake-Webster. The second comes from writer Lon Zimmet and Gary Sanchez Productions.

Type-A is based on Assholes: A Theory by Aaron James and will have a similar feel to Up in the Air in light of the characters it follows. The series centers around an office of consultants who are responsible for doing the dirty jobs that business executives don't want to do like layoffs, firing, budget cuts, etc. But while this group of seriously hated people is seriously hated, they also have a familial-type love for each other. It sounds a little bit like what would happen if Up in the Air and The Office had a TV baby.

Will Ferrell and long-time collaborator Adam McKay are involved with LAX -> Vegas as executive producers, which pretty much proves right out the gate that the series will be hilarious as well as underdoggy-style relatable. LAX -> Vegas is an ensemble story that follows the exploits of passengers and crew on a round trip flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas departing on Friday and returning Sunday. In the series, a collection of underdogs try to win both at the casino and also at life. This series is especially interesting because it will be fascinating to see how they can spread one weekend over a full series.

America loves a good underdog story. We're all about that pulling yourself up by your bootstraps thing, so these two new series totally fit perfectly into that theme. Fox really clinched it this time and I'm so hopeful these pilots make it to series!