Semi-Permanent Freckle Tattoos Are A Thing Now

Face tattoos and beauty trends aren't typically two things you'd put together in the same sentence, but it's a brave new world out there, people. So here we are: Semi-permanent freckle tattoos are a thing now, and people are going after that summer sun-kissed look with a little more staying power.

"Freckling" has been pioneered by Montreal-based cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow, who also does brow tattooing. In an interview with NewBeauty, she said was inspired by her best friend's annoyance at having to pencil hers on every day, so she decided to experiment on her own face (not recommended, BTW, she added). The results? Pretty, delicate, and in-demand.

The whole process takes about an hour, she says. "When they are ‘freshly done,’ they will appear swollen almost like bee stings, and the swelling will go down within a couple hours and you'll be left with your cute, fresh freckles," she told NewBeauty. Over time, they'll begin to look more natural as they fade, but you can get them touched up if you want a bolder look.

Before you go calling your nearest tattoo parlor, though, keep in mind that not all tattoo artists are created equal. Cosmetic tattoo artists specialize in what's known as "permanent makeup," so their goal is to create natural results—it's not what you'll get at that dive-y late-night ink spot. Even with a cosmetic tattoo artist, though, Rainbow reccomends looking at their portfolio and healed work before you commit.

Three years isn't a lifetime, but it's also not a short amount of time, either. (I made some questionable beauty choices three years ago that I definitely wouldn't want to be stuck with now.) Like any tattoo, it's important to really think about your decision.

If you do decide to go for it, rates vary depending on the artist but Rainbow charges $250 a session (with touch-ups ranging from $80 to $100). But, hey, these lovely results just might be enough to convince me.