These New 'Full House' Opening Credits Have A Quarantine Twist Thanks To The Cast

Fuller House, Full House cast
Michael Yarish/Netflix

During these times of uncertainty, we're all finding different ways to lift one another's spirits. Enter the cast of Full House who recreated the show's opening credits. Shared by Candace Cameron Bure on Instagram on April 8, she, along with Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, and creator Jeff Franklin, redid the sitcom's famous opening credits, but with a quarantine twist.

Titled "Full Quarantine," the cast is shown at their own homes practicing social distancing and in all their own respective ways. Of course, they're all seen embracing specific qualities from their characters as well. For example, Stamos is fixing his hair just like Uncle Jesse and Saget uses hand sanitizer to clean a mop handle and his face. (Bob, don't touch your face!) Talk about a perfect opening for "Full Quarantine."

The cast also shared an important message at the end of the reimagined credits that stated, "Stay home and stay safe. Unlike Full House, this will all go away."

The Full House cast has been serving a few nostalgic nuggets here and there since we've been self-quarantining due to COVID-19. On March 31, Stamos posted a photo of the Tanner's famous blue and white checkered couch that he actually owns. The Instagram hilariously showed that Stamos can use it as a makeshift baby gate for his one-year-old son Billy. Stamos captioned the image, "Baby safety gate or one of the most iconic couches in pop TV history? You make the call." Better yet, his costars didn't even know the plaid couch as at his home. As shared by the Comments by Celebs Instagram page, Sweetin commented, "WHAAAAATTTT?!" and Bure asked in shock, "You got it?! Not Bob?"

The Full House cast is very much still beloved after all these years and partially thanks to Netflix's Fuller House reboot. So it only seems appropriate that this feel-good family both on and off the screen would try and make fans feel better right now.

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