Did You Catch These Details In The 'GoT' Season 7 Trailer?

I bet you think you watched pretty carefully, but there are definitely some details you missed in the Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer. It's completely understandable, given your level of excitement, so don't beat yourself up. But now that you have literal weeks of stress-excitement before the July 16 premiere, it's time for a few thousand rewatches. You definitely noticed all the war and how bad things are looking for the Lannisters, but what about beyond that? You might need to watch the trailer several times, first to quell your excitement, and then to start looking for those spoilers about what to expect.

A sneaky thing that the creators of this show tend to do is put really important details right out front. Or, at least, hints to those details. They aren't hidden, necessarily, but so many other things are crammed alongside that they become easy to miss. But are we easily thrown off by the Game of Throne creators? (Yes, definitely.) Do we want to be? (No, certainly not.)

So, let's take a fine-toothed comb to this mother and see what we can find. I'm willing to be that the answer here is "a heck of a lot."

1. There's No Mention Of The White Walkers

The entirety of the trailer's almost two minutes is taken up with wars among the living people, with not even a glimpse of the Night's King. There's been a lot of speculation that Season 7 will feature a showdown between him and Jon Snow, but does this mean that will be pushed to Season 8?

2. Arya Might Knock Out More Of Her List

After reuniting with Needle at the end of Season 6 and whetting its appetite for blood again, Arya and her sword seem to be back in action. You can see her sharpening it for a brief instant in the trailer, which suggests that she's back at work crossing names off of her list.

3. Why Is Tyrion Alone?

The first glimpse we get of a dragon in the trailer is about 30 seconds in, and it's spotted by Tyrion Lannister. Seems pretty normal so far, except that Tyrion is completely alone. When last we saw him, Tyrion was traveling to Westeros with Daenerys' armada, so why is he isolated on the cliffs?

4. Sansa May Do Some Flip-Flopping

Things with Sansa were left a little ambiguously at the end of Season 6, and that carries through to the trailer. Littlefinger taunts Sansa, saying, "Your father and brothers are gone, yet here you stand." That suggests to me that her family has left her, and she's chosen to stay loyal to Littlefinger. But in the above screenshot, she's seated to the left of Jon in a place of prominence, so it seems like her allegiances are still a bit fluid.

5. Does Something (Or Someone) Get Inside Castle Black?

We see the gate come up, and then, in a separate shot, some indistinct men in furs rush out and form a circular battle stance. This suggests to me that Castle Black is no longer a safe place to hole up and fight, so does something or someone get inside? I'm looking at you, unseen White Walkers.

6. Someone Is Listening To Melisandre Again

You might've thought she'd be on the permanent outs after convincing Stannis Baratheon to kill his own daughter to no end. But it looks like Melisandre is back in the game, so everybody sleep with one eye open.

7. Sometimes The Battle Comes To You

Do my eyes deceive me, or does that fiery clash take place aboard a ship? We know Daenerys and her armada are bound for King's Landing to claim the Iron Throne. Does this mean that her ship is boarded and attacked before they even make landfall? Or, alternately, is this the work of a dragon? It's anyone's game (of thrones) at this point. (Sorry.)

8. The Clash Between Jon Snow And Littlefinger

After repeated viewings, I'm now sure that the person whose neck Jon Snow is throttling is Littlefinger. Um, more details please!

9. Somebody Has A Pretty Bad Case Of Greyscale

That arm that's reaching out a little over a minute into the trailer? It's lousy with greyscale, but it doesn't look like Ser Jorah Mormont's arm to me. I could be wrong, of course, but this one looks decidedly female, based on the slenderness through the wrist. So, who's caught the incurable disease?

10. The Kissing Ladies

Blink and you'll miss it, but you can distinctly see two women kissing in the trailer. One appears to be Ellaria Sand, the Red Viper's surviving lover, but I don't confidently recognize the other. Could it be Sansa??

11. The Lannisters Will Fall

Goodnight, little lion! Not sure who's knocking you over on their war map, but they seem pretty confident about it.

Catch these and many more exciting moments in the full trailer above. And get excited for July, when all of our waiting finally pays off.