The Stark Sisters Could Be Coming For Cersei In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8

At least one member of the Lannister family may have to face the fact that North Remembers in Game of Thrones Season 8. In a new interview with The Wrap, Sophie Turner teased that the Stark sisters may confront Cersei in the final season. And honestly, seeing Arya and Sansa come full circle to deal with Cersei together would be an unexpected, but welcome pay off to the dynamics established among the three women way back in Season 1.

Cersei has been on Arya's list for a long time. The younger Stark sister rightfully sees her as being partially responsible for Ned Stark's death. But Cersei and Sansa have their own score to settle as well. The reigning Queen of Westeros left Sansa at the mercy of her abusive son Joffrey, and blocked the Tyrells' attempt to get her out of King's Landing. She also made sure the elder Stark sister's direwolf was killed after Arya's direwolf attacked her precious Joffrey.

While the characters haven't seen each other for quite some time, the bad blood that exists between the Stark sisters and Cersei has only grown. And Turner is just as eager to see Sansa and Arya face-off with the Queen as everyone else is. "It's definitely something that you could possibly see," the actor told The Wrap. "And I would love to see Sansa have a face-off with Cersei. I think it would be a long time coming."

Turner wouldn't mind Sansa having help in taking down Cersei, though. After some initial distrust, the Stark sisters proved themselves to be a formidable team in Season 7. Together, with a little help from Bran, they brought down Littlefinger, and illustrated just how strong the Starks are when they work together. "Cersei is on Arya's list, so I would love to see Sansa and Arya team up against Cersei," Turner continued. "But who knows, man. Who knows."

Despite there being precious few spoilers out there, the few teasers and trailers that HBO has released seem to point to the women of Game of Thrones having a major season. Arya and Sansa are far from the only people who would like to see Cersei's reign come to an end. Daenerys is eager to remove the Lannister from the Throne, as well. Given their common goal, it would be nice to see the three women team up, but Sansa may be a bit wary of the Mother of Dragons — at least at first.

Jon Snow is bringing Daenerys to Winterfell, which he's pledged to his queen without consulting the rest of his family. This puts Sansa in the position of having to cede control of her home to a stranger, and she's understandably going to have some issues with Jon's decision. Turner explained to The Wrap, "I think Daenerys is a threat to the things that she holds most dear. But you never know, they might get on like peas in a pod."

Sansa's suspicions about Daenerys are understandable, but the best possible outcome would be for her, Arya, and the Dragon Queen to form an alliance to take Cersei down. Of course, they all three have to deal with the White Walkers first, but if they survive the battle with the dead, they could end up being the Game of Thrones dream team fans always imagined they could be.