A New 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Fan Theory Could Mean Sansa's In MAJOR Trouble

It feels like Game of Thrones Season 8 is unfairly far away. As a result, people are eager to gobble up any potential fan theories that are out there. This new Game of Thrones Season 8 fan theory points to Sansa reuniting with Cersei Lannister, of all people, and the evidence feels substantial. Why pass the time agonizing over when the show comes back, when instead you can try to predict what might happen when it does?

With a vague expected premiere date of "somewhere in 2019", it's hard for fans to even gauge how anxious they should be, which makes any whispers of news all the more exciting. This fan theory, as chronicled on UK newspaper The Express and long-running Game of Thrones fansite Winter Is Coming, is enough to make fans bite their nails in anticipation of Sansa Stark's fate. Assuming Cersei is on the verge of going full Mad Queen, what could that possibly mean for Sansa? After all, she is the one who got away. And based on rumblings from one of the series' key filming locations, Cersei might be determined to get her back.

Read on to discover why this fan theory about Sansa Stark reuniting with Cersei Lannister might not be so wild after all — and in fact, could be bad news for the eldest Stark daughter!

The last time Sansa and Cersei were in the same place at the same time was back in Season 4, when Sansa escaped King's Landing. Cersei had been holding Sansa prisoner since the end of Season 1. When Joffrey died at his wedding, Cersei was quick to blame the escaped Sansa for his death, vowing to catch her and kill her as punishment. (If you'll recall, Sansa had nothing to do with it — Lady Olenna turned out to be the one responsible for his demise.) It was a long, difficult road for both women, both of whom would eventually come into power in their respective houses. But will Cersei kidnap Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones Season 8?

The Queen has hinted at revenge against Sansa, even announcing that the Golden Company will "reclaim the things that belong to her" without elaborating on what that means. Cersei has had her armies sack cities and paid back the Iron Bank of Braavos in full — the Lannisters always pay their debts — but it's Sansa that has seemed to elude her.

There are only so many episodes left in the series, and when the show last left off, Cersei was the only central player in King's Landing. She revealed her treacherous plan to Jaime — agree to a ceasefire she does not plan to uphold — and remarked that she plans to fortify her family and her home right where she is. However, isolationism doesn't work on this show. Also, Cersei is largely driven by vengeance. The odds are high that she'll try to lure Sansa to King's Landing, especially considering how gravely she underestimates her enemies. Sansa is currently flanked by her sister Arya, who is unofficially one of the Faceless Men. AKA, a magical assassin. Also, Arya killed Littlefinger after his trial, which means she can assume his identity if she decides to. Will Arya impersonate Littlefinger and bring Sansa to Cersei in King's Landing? Will it work? There's so much left to figure out.

Game of Thrones fan and Twitter user @a_red_priestess snapped photos of a "mysterious red wall" being constructed in one of the series' filming spots in Belfast. In fact, it's one of the places HBO uses to shoot scenes in King's Landing. If the show is constructing a Red Keep, that indicates Season 8 will spend a lot more time on Cersei's turf than fans might be anticipating. The Throne Room is in the Red Keep, as are the Queen's chambers, Jaime Lannister's chambers, disgraced former Maester Qyburn's, and more. It would appear that the fight comes to Cersei's door in Season 8. As for the actual circumstances of said fight, as well as the players in it? Fans will have to keep waiting for answers for now.