'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Is Uniting Jaime With A MAJORLY Beloved Character

One of the highlights of Game of Thrones Season 7 was seeing characters who had spent years in separate locales come together for the first time. The joy of seeing unexpected characters unite will continue in the final season, it seems, as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau confirmed that Jamie and Davos will meet in Game of Thrones Season 8. While the Kingslayer and the Onion Knight were both present at the big Dragon Pit meeting last season, it sounds like these two overly loyal characters will properly get to know one another this time around.

As reported by Winter is Coming, Coster-Waldau was asked which actor is the easiest to work with during Columbia's first Comic Con, and he named Liam Cunningham, the man who plays Ser Davos. Coster-Waldau reportedly said,

"I really liked working with Liam Cunningham, who plays Davos Seaworth. We worked together and now we get along very well. I will not go into depth because I would be giving away spoilers."

Given how long it's been since HBO offered up even a hint of a spoiler, Coster-Waldau's tiny nugget of Season 8 intel feels precious. There's nothing too surprising about the idea of Jaime and Davos interacting — after all, they were both in route to Winterfell. What makes this news intriguing is the ways in which Davos could impart some much needed advice to Jamie.

Despite their different upbringings, Davos and Jaime have found themselves in similar positions. Before the Baratheon died, Ser Davos' devotion to Stannis and his cause was unwavering — even when it caused the Onion Knight to compromise his own beliefs. It was only when Melisandre and Stannis decided to sacrifice Gendry, that Davos began to challenge the king he was so loyal to.

At the end of Season 7, Jaime made the bold move of keeping his vow to go North, despite Cersei commanding him to stay with her. His relationship with his sister has never been a healthy one, but since she's become queen, he's stood by her even as she made brutal choices that benefit only her. Cersei's quest for power and control is toxic, just as Stannis' quest was. Jaime is officially at a crossroads, he can either continue to stand with his sister, or he can listen to some potentially sage advice from Davos, a man who has been in an eerily similar situation.

Winter is Coming reported that Coster-Waldau shared some insight into why Jaime walked away from Cersei. He explained,

"I think it's all connected. When he says 'the things I do for love' that's one of the reasons he walks out in the end. He tells Cersei, after he learns she's pregnant: 'Hey, if we don't defeat the threat from the North, we'll all die and there won't be any future, for you, for the child, or for anyone.' So he is still guided by that idea. And he is a man of his word. He promised he would go north.
The development of the character, in my mind, he's become more of what his father told him in the first season: 'I want you to become the man you were meant to be.' I think he is moving to that point and is getting very close to being that person."

Is the man that Jaime's meant to become compatible with the person who stands by his sister no matter what? That's a question he may be forced to ask himself as he wades into a battle in the North that he may never come back from.

Given how dire things are currently looking for Westeros, Jaime and Davos may share nothing more than a battlefield in Season 7. But if these two knights do get a chance to talk, Jamie would do well to heed any advice that the Onion Knight offers.