These Geode Bath Bombs Are So Gorgeous & Come With A Sparkly Surprise Inside

The crystal trend was huge in 2017, and I'm not just talking the Instagram-worthy little rocks. Crystal skincare was the inspiration behind a tons of products in the past year, from the affordable Colourpop Crushed Crystal Collection to Kim Kardashian's four KKW Fragrances. But now it's getting a whole new look and beauty use.

Pearl Bath Bombs created a Geode Bath Bomb Collection that will turn any skeptical into a crystal believer. The four hand-painted products look like your typical bath bombs have been broken open to expose gorgeous colors and shine — just like a geode does.

There's the Emerald Geode, made from ginger, sparkling citrus and white tea leaves; Amethyst Geode, made from acai berries and strawberry, with a hint of rose; Morganite Geode, made from bergamot, organge zest, rose petals, and jasmine; and Ruby Geode, made from fresh strawberries.

Each creation is as natural as a geode, too. The collection is handmade in the USA, cruelty-free, vegan, ethically sourced, and has safe synthetics. On top of all of that, it also is made using the brands signature skin softening formula. So not only is the collection totally Instagram-worthy, but you'll be able to soak all of your troubles away without having to worry about what you're bathing in.

Amethyst & Emerald Geode Ring Bath Bomb, $19.95 each, Pearl Bath Bombs

The look isn't the only incredible thing about the bath bombs, either. Every single one comes with a matching ring. You just pop the bath bomb into warm water, let it dissolve, and you're left with a gemstone ring to wear around. Consider it your souvenir for your night of relaxing.

Oh, and a few of them are worth $1,000, $5,000, and even $10,000. After you find your ring, you can register your ring, and see how much it's worth. Even if it's just a knock-off, you'll get points that you can earn to get money off on your next purchase.

Each ring is different depending on which Geode Bath Bomb you get. You'll also get to pick your ring size to make sure it fits. You can shop the homemade bath items on the Pearl Bath Bombs website right now. There are even two shopping options. You can pick your favorite for $19.95 each or stock up on all of them for $70, which will save you $10.

Geode Collection, $69.99, Pearl Bath Bombs

This isn't the brand's first time create viral-worthy products. Around Halloween they came up with a Dark Arts Bath Bomb that turns water black and has gorgeous rings inside. They also Vanilla Chai and Espresso-based creations and even a Pokemon one that has a character inside. To say that they're masters of rest and relaxation would be an understatement.

While the brand makes bath bombs that a perfect for different seasons, you can shop almost all of them all year around. There are currently 50 different styles of bath bombs, so you can choose your favorite.

The brand also creates candles, soaps, and sugar scrubs that have rings inside them. So you can get rewarded for doing your simply daily washing. Each soap comes as a gemstone too, meaning that they're just as gorgeous as they are functional. It truly doesn't get much better than that.

Amethyst & Emerald Geode Ring Bath Bomb, $19.95 each, Pearl Bath Bombs

There's no telling how long each of these items will stay on the virtual shelves, so get to shopping fast — especially if you want to get your favorite color and perfect ring size. If you were waiting for the perfect time to jump on the trend — and in the tub — this is it.