'Get Out' Fans Are Pissed At The Golden Globe Awards

Being considered for an award nomination is an exciting moment, to say the least. However it's, sadly, a feeling that has been overshadowed by controversy for fans of Jordan Peele's directorial debut, Get Out. One of the biggest and most thought-provoking films of the year, Get Out's 2018 Golden Globe award consideration is not being given the respect and sincerity that it deserves, and the internet is weighing in.

Fans became disconcerted when Entertainment Weekly reported that the film would be submitted into contention for the comedy/musical category instead of the thriller/horror genre. Although infused with some humor, Get Out was notably recognized for its ability to successfully hone-in on a long list of pressing issues that have long plagued the black community including: racism, oppression, and white privilege. That said, proponents of the film have taken the recent comedic categorization extremely personal, perceiving the move as a slap in the face to members of the African-American community. Amidst the criticism, many have pointed out Hollywood's proclivity to marginalize people of color within the film industry, calling it out as yet another incidence of systemic racism that continues to mar people of color.

The decision to submit the film into the contest as a comedy — a determination reportedly made by the film's production company Blumhouse, according to EW — definitely sent Twitter into a frenzy on Tuesday afternoon as fans began to chime in on their thoughts about the genre mismatch. Reactions to the news would reveal a myriad of feelings as fans tried to wrap their minds around the puzzling determination.

The Mere Thought Is Terrifying

This Twitter user was utterly disturbed by the notion that the film came off as comedic to some viewers.

Where's The Comedy?

Another pointed out all of the great topics which were covered in the movie to prove that it was not by any means meant to be a humorous film.

Racism Is A Never Ending Horror

One commenter feels that the categorization is a clear indication of the difference in how white people and people of color view racism.

Oppression Is No Joke

Someone explained how the movie represented an accurate depiction of real life for black people and feels that white people take racism as a "joke."

It's Real Life

This social media user has the same sentiments about the disparity in views.

Some Refuse To See The Accuracy

Someone called out people who found the film comedic, pointing out that many don't want to admit to just how accurate the film's message is.

Get A Clue

Responding to Jordan Peele's comments on the controversy, one reactor called the hierarchy in Hollywood "clueless" when it comes to the topic of racism.

For Blumhouse's part in the matter, Entertainment Weekly explains that the production company sees the submission process as a way to increase the film's chance of winning awards. It notes that the drama categories are often perceived to be more competitive than comedy/musical. With the new categorization, EW Indicates that Get Out could find itself up against the stiff competition of films such as The Big Sick, The Disaster Artist, I, Tonya, and Lady Bird. But, perhaps, there's some underlying and more encompassing reason — which remains to be revealed — that has caused the production house to opt for the comedy route.

Upon its release in Feb. 2017, Box Office Mojo indicates that Get Out pulled in a whopping $33.4M during its opening weekend and tallied $253.4M overall while in theaters. With that kind of success it's quite baffling that the film would have to go through such great lengths to earn a nomination in any genre. One of the most critically-acclaimed movies of 2017, the Get Out is a notably strong competitor amidst any category in which it stands. As many continue to fight back against the history of divisiveness in Hollywood, this subject is a sobering realization of just how far there is yet to go.