Gevalia's Coffee Queen Contest Gives You A Shot At $5,000 & A Castle Vacation

by Syeda Khaula Saad
Jane Barlow - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Have you ever wished you could drink coffee like royalty? Alright, stupid question. Of course you have. Well now, you may have the chance to. The coffee brand Gevalia just launched an online competition to find the "Gevalia coffee queen." This "queen" of any gender, once chosen, will be granted a free trip to Scotland's Carlowrie Castle where they and a friend will get to drink as much coffee as they want. Oh yeah... and on top of all of this, the winner also gets $5,000.

I know what you're thinking — there's got to be a catch. But no, there isn't. Gevalia is looking for someone to prove that they are the brand's coffee queen by just submitting a 250-character (yes, character) response on how they embody the queenship in real life. Do you drink coffee multiple times a day? Do you spend the time you're not drinking coffee looking forward to when you will be? Are you suspicious that your blood stream may be made at coffee at this point? Well then, you just might be the perfect candidate.

To enter the contest and submit the 250-character response, you just have to go online to and fill out a simple form before midnight on Dec. 21, 2019. Gevalia is looking for a response that embodies all the facets of a true coffee-lover. Plus, with just 250 characters to work with, they're expecting creativity. Along with the response, the form also asks how many cups of coffee you drink a day. Aside from this, you must be 18 years old and have a valid passport to enter the competition.

Once the contest closes and Gevalia selects its true coffee queen, the company wants to gift them (and their friend) with seven days and six nights in the 167-year-old Carlowrie Castle, a 32-acre estate with 14 bedrooms that's often used for luxurious weddings. The castle was recognized as being one of the top three venues in Europe under 200 bedrooms, according to its site. A queen deserves a castle and Gevalia is making sure it treats its future coffee queen right.

Aside from the castle itself, the winner's package will also include access to Gevalia swag, a butler, five-course meals prepared by a talented chef, and spa treatments for the queen and their friend. And along with the $5,000 salary check, winners will also receive an extra $2,000 spending allowance — all with endless amounts of coffee. If you choose to opt out of the trip, however, you can cash it in for $25,000 on top of the $5,000 instead. Either way, you get some serious perks, along with bragging rights of being able to call yourself the coffee queen.

Whether you drink cold brews or frappes, swear by lattes or even go decaf, you now have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become royalty for your coffee-drinking habits. And while Gevlalia's prize of endless coffee for a week may be the selling point for a lot of coffee-lovers, getting to live in a castle and be pampered is pretty cool too.