Ghost's Killer On 'Power' Was Finally Revealed In A Fitting Twist

Tariq and Tasha in Power Season 6

Spoilers ahead for Power Season 6. No fan was under the impression that the final Power episodes were going to be lighthearted or sentimental, but, maaaan — things got darker than usual in this last season. After weeks of wondering who shot Ghost, with dedicated episodes to each suspect's point of view, the killer was finally revealed in the Power Season 6 series finale. And the answer's not all that surprising given how things have been going in the past few seasons.

Feeling like he was headed to jail for Raymond Jones' murder and that he needed to protect his mom from going down for LaKeisha's murder, it was Tariq who shot Ghost. Fans had presumed that was the case given how Tommy looked up at the shooter when he found Ghost's body, bleeding out, at Truth. The look of recognition meant it had to have been either Tariq or Tasha. If we're being honest, that punk kid was bound to eventually do his father in. The unexpected part was that he let his mom go down for it, although they have always been plotting together. Still, seeing Tasha in an orange jumpsuit is unsettling, and hopefully something that will be addressed in an eventual Power spinoff. The creators did say that the first one picks up just hours after the finale's end, so if you have questions, they will hopefully be answered.

The biggest twist? Ghost did get the last laugh in the end, like he always seems to — he left no money (nothing!) for Tasha in his will and Tariq only gets his and Raina's part if he finishes college. He set Tasha's mom up with rent for a year, presumably because he figured she'd have to take care of little Yas eventually. (Don't worry — he did leave money for her, too, even though it seems like no one ever remembers she's alive.)

Here's how all the other major characters fared in these last episodes.


  • LaKeisha Grant: Tasha shot her best friend when she mistakenly thought Keisha had made a deal with the feds in Season 6, Episode 8, titled "Deal with the Devil." Cash is alive and staying with his father.
  • Andre Coleman: In "Still DRE," the eleventh episode of the final season, Dre was in and out jail what seemed like 20 times before he finally landed in solitary confinement. That's where 2-Bit and Spanky kill him by throwing gasoline-soaked towels into the cell and lighting a match. OUCH.
  • Spanky: RIP, Spanky! Once he gets out of prison after striking a deal with the feds, poor Spanky thinks he's good to go... until Tommy rolls up on him on his way out of town and puts a couple bullets in him in broad daylight. You know what they say about snitches, right?
  • James Proctor: Tommy lit Proctor up in Ghost's penthouse in "King's Gambit," the fifth episode of Season 6, because the corrupt attorney was talking way too much about his and Ghost's former deeds.


  • Tommy Egan: Tommy rode off into the sunset after Ghost died in his arms at Truth nightclub. Rumor has it there might be a Tommy-centric spinoff in the works about his life on the West Coast. One can only hope.
  • Raymond Tate: Tate did a lot of messed up you-know-what throughout the series, but the most galling thing about the final episodes was watching him rise in politics post-Ghost's death. This dude, right?
  • 2-Bit: He's in prison, and he totally tipped Tommy off about Spanky, which does sort of make him a snitch. Then again, maybe he and Tommy will link up in Cali.
  • Paz Valdes: Despite her attempts to get revenge for her sister's death, Paz wasn't the one who shot Ghost. He did leave her money in his will, though, which she refused to take.
  • Cooper Saxe: Given how punchable Saxe's face is, it's surprising no one killed him in Season 6. Looks like we're going to have to pretend to care about him in spinoffs, too.

While it's sad to see the series go, there are always the spinoffs in the works to look forward to (provided you still care about Tariq at all). And at least Tommy made it out alive, which is something everyone can be happy about.