Gigi Hadid Covers First-Ever 'Vogue' Arabia Twice

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Vogue Arabia is here and there are not one but two covers because this is such a big launch. Gigi Hadid covers the both editions of the first-ever issue of Vogue Arabia, each of which are black and white images. The supermodel posted about her covers on her personal Instagram. She noted in the caption that since she is half-Palestinian, she is extremely proud to have been chosen as the first face of this international version of Vogue. It's the March 2017 issue, as well.

On Hadid's Vogue Arabia covers, she is wearing a jeweled head scarf. Her eye makeup shimmers and adds another layer of dimension. Her eyes and her headpiece are the focus of the covers. The internal spread also features Hadid in a hijab.

Hadid's caption was carefully written and heartfelt, as she notes it's critically important for women of all cultures and customs to feel as though they have images in the fashion world that they can personally relate to.

However, the internet was both supportive and shocked about this cover. A sampling of Twitter reactions shows that while some feel that Hadid's cover is a positive thing, others consider it is a case of cultural appropriation and take issue with it because of what the head scarves represent in certain countries.

Bustle reached out to both Vogue and Hadid for comment about some of the backlash the cover has received.

This is one cover.

And the other.

Hadid explained how the cover relates to her own heritage and to the larger fashion community and conversation.

Below are some of the Twitter reactions to the cover, which run the gamut.

Some people wish that Hadid would be more vocal and use her platform to be more political.

Others feel proud to see her on the cover.

The fact that Hadid is not Muslim but wore a hijab in the spread was problematic.

A lot of points are being argued and made regarding Hadid's heritage.

The covers are clearly divisive in the Twitterverse.

When Vogue Arabia posted one of the covers on Instagram, there were some comments, asking why they did not choose an Arab model, as well.

Others felt she was a good choice. It appears the discussion will continue.

Images: Vogue Arabia (2); Vogue Arabia/Instagram (2)