Gigi Hadid Showed Off Her Armpit Hair & Twitter Obviously Has Feelings About It

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When a glamazon like Gigi Hadid steps out, you know exactly what to expect from the gorgeous model — perfectly tousled hair, polished makeup, and a relatively conventional appearance. So it came as a shock to many when Gigi Hadid flaunted armpit hair in Love magazine's video Advent Calendar with absolutely no shame in her game. And if anyone can prove clean-shaven beauty norms are B.S., it's certainly this international bombshell.

The model is the latest beauty to get physical in the magazine's seasonal video shoot. A star-studded lineup of A-listers have already shown off their moves in the seventh annual advent calendar, including a kickboxing Kendall Jenner, a somersaulting Taylor Hill, and a dancing Rita Ora.

Working up a sweat, but keeping things super sultry at the same time, Geeg kicks, boxes, and stretches before the camera in the Day 11 video, with her armpit hair proudly on full display. This certainly isn't girlfriend's first rodeo when it comes to causing a stir in a Love video shoot. Hadid's 2014 calendar flashed major sideboob and her 2015 spotlight featured the model dancing around in steamy lingerie. In other words, she's a Love's calendar veteran that always leaves fans shell shocked. But she just may have stirred the pot like never before this time by giving fans a taste of her most natural self.

As usual, Twitter had loads to say over Hadid's armpits. But, let's be clear, no one has a right to comment on a woman's body hair choices at all. Someone should tell Twitter that.

Twitter users were armed with the best memes to combat any negativity towards the beloved model.

And the sarcasm was far too on point. A woman with body hair? Who would've thunk it?

Of course, there were those who just weren't here for the extra body hair, despite it being a natural thing for women.

But the overwhelming majority of fans were impressed with Hadid letting her pits shine in all of their hairy glory given such staunch beauty standards.

A decision that doesn't conform to society's norm, choosing to put down the razor can be a liberating experience. Having unshaven pits doesn't make you any less of a woman or unappealing, and no one has the right to lead a woman to believe otherwise.

It was totally unexpected for a top model like Hadid to show off her body hair before millions. But it's proof that you can be a member of the no-shave team and still have major sex appeal. As if we really needed proof at all.

That's why Hadid's video, with fuzzy pits and all, was a fan-favorite out of all the Love calendar shoots in this year's series.

So much so that her pits sparked some pretty hilarious tweets.

Hairy pits aside, the model's head-to-toe look was a winner in the shoot. She looked badass with an intense smokey eye that was far too sexy for words. And that wet hair look that she and little sis Bella Hadid have slayed time and time again was the icing on the cake. There's no denying that Hadid was a true stunner.

Love magazine clearly knew what they were doing with this shoot. The combination of a good workout, the beautiful Gigi Hadid, and the embracing of a woman's body hair were just the daily dose of inspiration the internet needed to get riled.