You Have To Read Gigi Hadid’s Clapback To Fans Calling Her Relationship Fake

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever since breaking up — and getting back together — earlier this year, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have dealt with plenty of nosy fans' comments about their relationship. Unfortunately, that includes comments from people determined to prove that Hadid and Malik's relationship isn't what it seems. But in an Instagram comment this week, Gigi Hadid defended her relationship with Zayn Malik, shutting down the supposed reasons why their relationship isn't real.

Hadid's clapback came in an Instagram comment on the private fan account @exposingfakeasszigiii. Bustle was able to follow the account and confirm that Hadid left the comment, which was preserved by a fan Twitter account. In her comment, Hadid asked the account to stop posting about her relationship with the former One Direction member. She wrote, in part:

"I really have no hard feelings towards you I just know what a beautiful world there is to go out and live in instead of trying to dissect a relationship between two people that you don't even know and that you do not see 99% of... for someone who is virtually inactive on the app, I don't need his follow- my eyes are tattooed to his chest."

Hadid's comment appears to be a reference to the fact that Malik doesn't follow her on Instagram, as E! News pointed out. But she has a good point — getting inked in someone's honor is way more of a commitment than watching their every move on social media.

The model went on to write that this would be her "last comment on this matter." She said what she needed to say, and it sounds like she's not too concerned with whether or not the people behind the fan account believe her. She wrote:

"You guys can call it promo but I just post about my boyfriend like anyone else, whether I support z or he supports me is out of love and excitement for one another. There's nothing to figure out all the time… give it a break."

Hadid shouldn't have had to defend her relationship to a random stranger online. But in the age of social media, celebrities seem to be scrutinized for everything they do, including who they choose to follow — or not follow — on Instagram. (For the record, Malik is only following 29 Instagram accounts, most of which are fan accounts for himself.) There's not necessarily a deeper meaning or significance behind stars' Instagram actions. Reading too much into things, like who Malik is following, doesn't really help anyone.

After her original comment, Hadid also responded to a fan who said she should have DM'd the account instead of making her comment publicly. "This is all just very frustrating and I'm only human," Hadid wrote. Her comments are a good reminder that when you write something about someone online, even a celebrity, they very well might see your post and be affected by it.

Fortunately, it seems like Hadid isn't too bothered by the whole ordeal with the fan account. On Wednesday afternoon, she shared a photo from what looks like her Fourth of July celebration. There are plenty of burgers and hot dogs to go around — bonus points to the model for putting the buns on the grill and not just the meat — and it looks like she's living her life and having an awesome time, no matter what anyone else has to say about it.

For his part, Malik also shut down the gossip about their relationship not being authentic during his cover interview for GQ, published on June 18. "If a relationship is for your career, you can f*cking walk out the door. No way. See you later," Malik told GQ. So it's safe to say he wouldn't tolerate an inauthentic relationship, either. And if anyone chooses to doubt that, well, the two of them will just keep being mega-famous stars.