Yanic Truesdale Says Goodbye To President Obama

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Saying goodbye to President Obama is no easy task for many people, celebrities included. However, Gilmore Girls' star Yanic Truesdale's farewell to Obama is one of the sweetest you will read. The actor didn't channel his snarky alter ego Michel in his earnest tweet which acknowledges the strangeness of President Trump's inauguration day, while putting the focus on saying a big thank you to the outgoing President Obama.

Truesdale is Canadian, but even he is sad to see such a wonderful man vacate the office of President. "Thank you president Obama for your thoughtfulness, hard work and inclusive vision. You will be missed!" the 46-year-old tweeted.

While he may not be from the United States, Truesdale's work on Gilmore Girls has led to the actor spending plenty of time in Los Angeles. He has also lived in New York. Every time people who don't live in the United States full-time praise Obama, it is a reminder of just how far the former President's influence reached. The amazing work Obama did extended beyond the United States' borders and out into the world beyond.

His tweet perfectly sums up why Obama will be missed by so many people. His work to make the world a more inclusive place was always inspiring. It's wonderful to see actors like Truesdale honoring Obama as he exits the White House for the final time.

Truesdale's tweet is so measured and well thought out, it is impossible not to wonder what his sarcastic TV counterpart Michel Gerard would have to say on the subject of President Trump. I suspect the Dragonfly Inn staff would have a hard time keeping their spirits up on a day like today, and Michel would be the gloomiest employee of them all. In fact, Lorelai would definitely be talking Michel out of booking a plane ticket back to his beloved France right about now.

Meanwhile, the guests would be putting the word out to avoid asking the angry French man for more towels. Michel would be struck with a case of ennui so strong, his sarcasm game would be off the charts. It could actually be lethal for the guests to ask too many questions. Michel might even be so distraught he would forget to count the blueberries on his gluten-free pancakes.

That is some serious next level Michel pain.

Of course, a sad and angry Michel, is also an amusing Michel. This would leave Lorelai with no choice but to drive Michel crazy by pretending to support Trump. She would definitely rock a "Make America Great Again" hat in the kitchen just to get him riled up. Hey, it's going to be a super rough day for Lorelai too, she has to make her own fun somehow.

Ultimately, the two would definitely end up at the Stars Hollow Secret Bar for a much needed night cap though. If there's one thing Michel and Lorelai can agree on its cocktails make a bad day a little more tolerable. And cocktails and commiserating with pals is a nice way to remind even Michel there's still way more good in the world than bad.

He just needs to get in touch with his inner Truesdale to see how true that is.