This 'Jane The Virgin' Pic Will Make You Team Adam

It's been a tough year for Jane, so it's only fitting that Jane the Virgin could wrap up Season 3 with its hero finding love in the most unlikely of places. I suspect the fans will be right there with Jane once they meet Tyler Posey's Adam. Right now, Team Micheal is still in mourning, and Team Rafael is keeping their fingers crossed, but thanks to the flawless behind-the-scenes photo of Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez and Posey hanging out on set, I have no doubt you will be signing up to join Team Adam in no time.

First of all, these two humans are beautiful and they look beautiful together. The grin on Rodriguez's face says it all. She is clearly on board with a potential new love triangle in Season 4, and she looks beyond happy that it will include Posey. Thanks to the lovely Narrator, it was strongly hinted Adam will be Jane's first love, and with him set to appear in the Season 3 finale, fans should be prepared for all the feelings.

How will Adam come into Jane's life? Will there be flashbacks to young Jane and Adam? Will Posey be as unabashedly charming as he was on Teen Wolf? These are pressing questions the world needs answers to immediately. But first, just bask in the cuteness of the actors being sweet and goofy together.

After losing Michael and fast-forwarding to a future where Jane has made her writing dreams come true, she deserves another chance at love. Meanwhile, the fans deserve a new leading man to fall for, and Posey is the perfect fit. It's hard to resist a first love narrative, and if Adam does turn out to be Jane's first crush or boyfriend, expect your heart to skip a beat when he is introduced.

Barring Adam being the worst, I have a feeling it's going to be impossible for most fans not to experience a whole lot of Team Adam feelings. The first photo of Rodriguez and Posey together proves just how adorable they look side by side, and while their chemistry cannot be confirmed until Posey makes his debut, they already look like old pals.

Adam's entrance into the world of Jane the Virgin could bring hope back into the story, along with a sense of renewed energy. He's all about fresh starts and new beginnings for Jane and the show. Go head and let yourself fall in love, guys. Team Adam is the place you are going to want to be in Season 4.