'Jane The Virgin' Explored Xo & Rogelio's Relationship

Tyler Golden/The CW

Love was in the air for the characters of Jane the Virgin during "Chapter 59" and one of the biggest love stories belonged to Xiomara and Rogelio. Although Jane's mom had started the March 27 episode feeling down about her breakup with Bruce, she was feeling the love by the end since Xo and Rogelio got back together on Jane the Virgin. Even if you have been wanting these two crazy kids to patch things up, you might have been surprised at how quickly their reunion occurred, but it just goes to show that Xo and Rogelio's chemistry cannot be denied.

While Rogelio and Xiomara broke up only a season ago because of their differing opinions on children, a lot has changed for these two because of the three year time jump. Jane's parents' relationship was strained for most of those three years, but the love between them never faded. Sure, both Xo and Rogelio were in other relationships, but considering how quickly Xo dumped Bruce once she found out that having children was no longer a deal breaker for Rogelio proves these two were always in love with each other.

Beyond just being thrilled that these two dynamic characters are back together as they should be, Rogelio and Xo dating again makes the Villanueva family more complete. When Ro and Xo are together, Rogelio has more of a presence on the show, which is always a good thing — and hopefully means there is another Rita Moreno appearance! While people theorized the wedding at the time jump could have been either Rogelio's or Xiomara's, now this pair could get married (again) for a lavish, lavender affair. Because after all that they have gone through, it wouldn't make any sense for Jane the Virgin to tear this couple apart again.

Now that Rogelio and Xo are back together, I want Jane the Virgin to keep them that way so that Jane's parents can spend the rest of the series in domestic bliss together. Because even when they are happy and in love, there is plenty of drama to go around with Rogelio. Plus, with their own love lives settled, Jane's parents can help their daughter figure out her romantic prospects because after Michael's death, she needs all the help that she can get.