Ginnifer Goodwin Remembers Bill Paxton

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In the midst of all the Oscars buzz this weekend, Hollywood received some very sad news. On Sunday morning, it was confirmed that actor Bill Paxton died at 61 due to complications from surgery, leaving fans shocked that the Twister star was gone so suddenly and unexpectedly. And now, his former costars are sharing their memories from the time they shared with him, starting with one from his HBO past. On Sunday night, Ginnifer Goodwin spoke out about Paxton's death, and her words are both a heartbreaking and perfect way to honor his memory.

Goodwin and Paxton's friendship and working relationship goes all the way back to the days of Big Love, where she played one of his wives in the drama about a polygamist family. And while talking to Entertainment Tonight on the Oscars red carpet, Goodwin admitted that although "it felt wrong somehow" to be at the Oscars when her former costar couldn't be, his death also made her feel like there was nowhere else she could possibly be. And even though she was obviously upset about her friend's passing, she also shared some very sweet words about him and explained how husband Josh Dallas convinced her to attend the Oscars anyway.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Goodwin said:

"Bill was, I can say, more alive than the others, so his not being part of the world is hard to comprehend. He was a good friend and had a huge heart. . . Josh reminded me of two things this morning when I frankly didn’t want to come tonight because it felt wrong somehow. Josh said [Bill] loved everything in Hollywood history and everything with Hollywood tradition and he would've been so furious with me if I didn’t come celebrate. And also, you can always see a piece of his big heart in somewhere in all of his characters — even in his villains. And so to pop one of his movies into the DVD player is to hang out with him and I can do that whenever I need that Bill hang."

If Paxton did adore Hollywood as much as Goodwin says, it seems like it the right choice to attend the Oscars anyway. And I love the thought that she (and anyone, really) will be able to visit him through his movies, even after his death. It highlights the wonderful power that movies have of keeping people alive long past their time on earth.

Goodwin also took the opportunity to share some of her memories from the Big Love set, and it sounds like it was a really happy time for her and Paxton both. She said:

"Well, what was crazy was that was a show devoid of drama for a show so full of conflict in story. We would have done it for 40 years. Everyone loved each other. There was so much support, there was so much to respect and there was so much fun. And in fact, I think we probably wasted — this was back when people shot on film — and we wasted a lot of it giggling."

It's great to hear that Goodwin has found such a positive way to channel her sadness over losing such a close friend, especially after such a sudden loss. Paxton might be gone, but there's no question that his memory will live on forever, through his work and through those who knew him.