Hannah Horvath & Leslie Knope March Together

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hannah Horvath, meet Leslie Knope. That's right, my friends, Lena Dunham and Amy Poehler are at the Women's March on Washington, and they took a picture together. Everything is beautiful and full of amazing TV women right now.

Dunham has been busy tweeting and sharing photos from the march all Saturday, but she deserves extra props for finding Poehler in the crowd. The two actors are both activists who champion women's rights, and have shown major respect for each other in the past. However, unlike Dunham, Poehler isn't big on social media, which makes the candid photo of her at the march with Dunham and Girls showrunner, Jenni Konner, a special treat.

It also gives the world the perfect excuse to pretend Leslie from Parks and Recreation and Hannah from Girls both went to the march and ran into each other there. Best imaginary crossover ever? I think so.

Since both characters are major feminists, there's no way they would have missed out on a march for women's rights. Leslie and Hannah's personalities are nothing alike though, so their conversation would have been legendary. Imagine Leslie marching with an "Ovaries Before Broveries" sign, and trying to convince Hannah not to streak naked through the crowd. Actually, Hollywood, can someone make that an actual episode of television?

Seeing three of television's most talented writers in one picture is reward enough. These three have done so much for feminism in entertainment, and they are just as committed to supporting feminist efforts in real life as they are on screen. Knowing they all showed up at the march ready to support the effort to further the fight for women's equality warms my heart.

Despite their differences, Hannah and Leslie would admire each other just as much as Dunham and Poehler do. At their core, both ladies know there is nothing more powerful than women supporting women. They probably get that from their insanely awesome creators.

Go ahead and bask in the wonderfulness that is Dunham and Poehler together at the Women's March on Washington. Dunham captioned the photo, "Parks & Menstruation," which will hopefully one day be a combined reboot of both series. The world can always use more Dunham and Poehler in it.