Lena Dunham' Women's March Tweets Are Flawless


On Saturday, thousands of women are marching across the United States and beyond to bring awareness to the disenfranchising of women and minorities. Passionate feminist Lena Dunham is tweeting from the Women's March on Washington, and her words will lift your spirits up. The Girls creator was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton, and even though the election did not go her way, she has continued to use her fame to speak out for women everywhere.

Her presence at the Women's March is not surprising. Dunham's feminism and activism is inspiring. Not only is she at the march, her mother is there, and her mom actually drove a bus to the Washington March (and yes, Dunham posted a picture). Using her gift for writing, the 30-year-old star used Twitter to get the word out about why she is marching today. Her words are not simply powerful, they are also beautiful. She tweeted,

We march to show our struggles are not isolated, but bound together by rainbow thread. I don't rise if you don't rise.

Dunham is marching for all women, for intersectionality, and because she knows women and men have to stand together to make a difference. Her tweets and photos from the march are absolute must-sees, starting with her eloquent set of tweets on why she felt the call to march:

After her first poetic tweet, she delved even deeper to the heart of the matter. The Women's Marches are not just about today or tomorrow, they are about the precedent President Trump's election could set for the United States. Dunham's second tweet sums up why she is marching, and why people have to continue to speak every single day until there is actionable change in how the country treats women and their rights.

The marches taking place today are for everyone. They aren't just for celebrities, for women, or for Democrats — they are to change perceptions and make the world a safer place for everyone. Dunham's tweet truly says it all.

Of course, not all of her tweets are about explaining why she is marching. Dunham is just as excited by being surrounded by so many amazing women as everyone else who made the trek to Washington. Knowing she is there with her mom is so inspiring. Here is the bus her mom "captained" to the march:

And when Dunham made it to the march, she made it there with her friends, who are every bit as excited to be part of the movement as she is.

Even the photos from inside the bus will make you want to cheer.

Even if you were unable to march, take heart knowing that amazing, powerful women like are there representing you — and she's having a blast doing it.