Glitter Butts Are Trending & They'll Have You Mesmerized By The Booty

by Summer Arlexis

Festival season, AKA that precious time of year when hair is loaded with embellishments and wearing boho-inspired anything is a go, is in full effect. This year's trending festival aesthetic is all about glitter (total shocker!), but somehow things may have gone too far. Glitter butts are now trending again, as uncovered by Cosmopolitan, proof that you don't even need clothes to stay current with summer fashion.

Ahh glitter. The gift that keeps on giving, because it's nearly impossible to get rid of it once you use it anywhere. At this point, you can't even call a look festival-worthy if it doesn't involve glitter. It's the wardrobe staple that beauty lovers, music festival attendees, and party goers can't seem to stop using any and everywhere. From the glitter roots trend to sparkly brows, multicolored shimmer has been the dominant force in many summer beauty looks. Albeit totally Instagrammable, no one ever said glitter beauty had to be practical, hence the glitter tongue trend that even once invaded the scene.

Next up on the list of glitter movements that make no sense is using the craft essential as pseudo underwear. Sure, the thought of slathering your bum in sparkle sounds like a nightmare to clean up, but that isn't stopping the trend from gaining momentum as of late.

Getting glitter-happy on one's tush is really a thing. The trend involves layering on the sparkle, sometimes even completely covering the skin if you're so inclined. Loading on jeweled embellishments, like rhinestones and giant crystals, is a method of taking the look to the next level, and you can even use multiple hues to create specific designs. So, you could actually transform your bum into an IRL glittery version of the peach emoji — just saying!

When it comes to trying a glitter butt, you've even got options. One could do the trend while still wearing lingerie, bathing suit bottoms, a leotard, or any other form of clothing that leaves the derrière exposed. But if clothes aren't really your thing, you can totally rock the look sans underwear to fully embrace a suns out, buns out lifestyle. There's no right or wrong way to go about creating such a customized look, so it's totally your choice.

If you're in desperate need of festival inspo, UK based brand, Go Get Glitter is the ultimate source for sparkly butt creations. This may not be the first time the trend has popped up, but the sparkle creators have sure mastered the art of coating cheeks with glitter and embellishments, based on their endless Instagram feed of tushies.

Your glitter obsession doesn't even have to stop at a speckled bum. Why not bring last year's glitter boobs trend out of hiding to pair it with your sparkly bottom, for the ultimate eye-catching outfit (if you can even truly call body glitter clothing).

At this rate, you may as well create a full glitter catsuit because it doesn't seem like slathering body parts in sparkle is going to die anytime soon. As long as festival fashion dominates the warm weather months, that likely won't happen.

There's no telling whether glitter butts and boobs are actually comfortable to wear, as sparkle tends to be scratchy. Who knows if it even lasts all day? Is sweat-proof, non-transferrable glitter a thing? Seems like a heavy duty glue would be in order here, and that doesn't sound super safe for the skin.

But the only way to know for sure is to try the trend out for yourself and definitely snap tons of pics outdoors while you're at it.