Glossier's Black Friday Deals Are Super Generous, So Here's What You Should Be Adding To Your Basket

Ivan Solis / Stocksy

Black Friday is just three days away, and it's hard to pick the brands and shops that aren't offering an amazing selection of discounts this year. From electrical to homeware, fashion to beauty, there are deals everywhere you look. My priority (as always) is determining where the very best beauty discounts will be. One of the most exciting emails which dropped in my inbox this week was one from the team at Glossier, which revealed the brand would be offering a 20% discount off everything on its site. Yep, that's right. It's safe to say that this Glossier Black Friday deal is pretty impressive, but what should you be looking to buy?

I've been lucky enough to try pretty much everything from the Glossier range, from the skincare to the makeup and everything in-between. So I feel fairly confident in recommending the very best of the bunch. Some picks may be fairly obvious; the brand's brow pomade and bestselling face cleanser are among every industry insider's top products. But others, such as the newer releases, you may not have tried just yet. I've picked my favourite six products from Glossier, so you can take advantage of this year's Black Friday deal in the best ways possible...

Boy Brow


The ultimate all-in-one brow product, this thickens and fills in any sparse areas, all while adding the perfect level of tint. If you're a Glossier newbie, this is a great place to start.

Milky Jelly Cleanser


The universally-loved cleanser is the ideal morning cleanse, and doubles up as a great secondary cleanse in the evening. It's super gentle and has a lovely refreshing texture.

Glossier Sweatshirt


This, my friends, is the perfect time to fork out for the sweatshirt you've been umming and aahing over all year. The Glossier sweater may be a little pricey, but it is super cosy and looks cool with whatever you pair it with. Size up for extra cosiness.

You Perfume


This year has seen an influx of 'you but better' scents, and Glossier's very first fragrance was a pioneer in the movement. This comforting perfume is adored by anyone who smells it and will become your new signature.

Lash Slick


This mascara is simply put, amazing. It coats the lashes in a glossy layer of product without being clumpy or overly obvious, making it the perfect daytime mascara.



This uniquely sheer formula leaves a beautifully glossy sheen on lids and comes in an array of flattering shades. My personal favourite is Cub: a gorgeous rose gold hue.