Golden Freckle Tattoos Are Summer's Newest Makeup Trend

There's something about freckles that is so quintessentially "summer" — they make a person think of beach days and staying out too long in the water, their cheeks getting kissed by the sun. But if you don't have your own beauty marks then don't worry - golden freckle tattoos can get you there, and add a whimsical twist to the summer look at that. We've been blessed with a bevvy of different freckle makeup ideas this past year, with makeup artists and beauty vloggers coming up with delicate freckle makeup tutorials as well as out-of-the-box reiterations, like galaxy freckles and glitter beauty marks. This new tattoo trend is a bit of a mashup between the two looks.

Rather than drawn on stars or Vaseline-smeared glitter, you have the option to rock actual temporary tattoos on your face that come in the shape of chic gold stars or abstract dots. This new idea is a total plus for summer, where a sweaty face and 90 degree heat can make it easy for your face makeup to melt off or smear. If you have a temporary tattoo on, you can perspire or swipe at your face all you want, and those beauty marks will stay put.

"The latest version smartly combines your childhood favorite temporary tattoos with this fun trend. The metallic tattoos work just like the ones you remember, but look way chicer," PopSugar reported.

They work just like the temporary tats from your childhood, where you cut out the designs you want, and dab them delicately with a wet paper towel or sponge until they adhere to your skin. But the fun part is deciding where these stars should go. Just like freckles, they can pop up anywhere on your face or body. You can place them across the bridge of your nose and the tops of your cheekbones, you can have a smattering around the corners of your eyes, you can put a cluster on top of your shoulders and even place a metallic galaxy across your collarbone — the possibilities are endless!

And if you no longer want golden shooting stars running across your face? Don't worry, you won't have to show up to work with half-peeled stickers running across your cheeks. "When you'd like to return to your less-sparkly self, removing these dots is as simple as rubbing on makeup remover or baby oil and wiping them away," PopSugar explained.

If you want to try it out, here are some great options to begin with:

1. Beautymarks "The New Makeup"

Beautymarks "The New Makeup", $14, Mr. Kate

Here you get to choose from stars, hearts, and freckle clusters.

2. Faux Freckles 24K Palette

Faux Freckles 24K Palette, $15, Faux Freckles

These will give you a more authentic, "natural" freckle experience.

3. JulesDiaries Skin Sprinkles

JulesDiaries Skin Sprinkles, $15.50, Etsy

For a more constallation inspired look, try out this Etsy version.

It's super easy and low commitment, so you might as well try it for a weekend. Wear it to the beach, to a BBQ, or to a Friday night out on a rooftop terrace — there's never a wrong time to rock freckles!