Good American Is Offering Up A New Take On The Denim & Fishnet Look

by Augusta Statz

Denim is trending like crazy at the moment, and there have been some designs that really push the envelope in an effort to stand out from the rest. It’s nice to be different (even when you’re dressing in super popular items) but some of these more out-of-the-ordinary designs work and some definitely don’t — remember those clear panel jeans? You know the ones! Good American’s reinvented the denim mini skirt, and I’d say this update is an absolute win.

The Fishnet Mini is a fresh take on the fishnet tights and denim combo. According to the Good American Instagram account, the skirt will be available to shop at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT on Apr. 27. If you’re into the idea of trendsetting, you’re definitely going to want to scoop up this hot new item.

It’s jut like the jean mini you loved in the early ‘00s, but it’s had ultra modern touches added to it. You can see a fishnet pattern through distressing and peeking through the pocket. So, now you can rock the super cool “I wear fishnets under everything” look without actually having to slip on a pair of tights. Pretty convenient, right? This brand is offering a new way to wear a mini, and I couldn’t be more here for it! Those other companies coming up with weird jean styles should definitely take note.

I'm into the idea of combining denim and fishnet panels.

Fans of the brand are feeling this modern upgrade, too.

The skirt isn't the only item that's getting a fishnet panel addition, either. Expect to see jackets and pants with these types of panels on the Good American website.

Tights and jeans, all in one piece of clothing. Not a bad idea!

I'm loving these pocket details.

Soon, you'll be able to shop jeans, jackets and skirts with these mesh inserts. That means you'll be able to incorporate this into your entire outfit if you'd like. And I mean, why not?

Courtesy Good American

The Mini Blue 033, $145, Good American

Of course, the brand also has classic pieces that you're sure to love if you're not into changing up your denim. This mini skirt, for example, is basically the same one you had in middle school, for example.

Courtesy Good American

The Slip Zip Skinny Blue 051, $129, Good American

If you prefer your add-ons to be a bit more subtle, Good American's got options like that in the mix, too. You can shop this pair of jeans with a side zipper detail if you want to be all sorts of chic.

New ways to wear classics are always welcomed, and it seems like Good American really nailed it with their latest concept. Shop the fishnet pieces from the brand's website starting on Apr. 27.